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Giving your brain a quick reboot when you feel stressed or stuck can help clear out the backlog of thoughts in your working memory and leave you with a tidier mental workspace. Here are 3 simple ways to clear your mind and get your energy back everyday!

  1. Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness - google image 

Training yourself to become more mindful can benefit you in a number of ways.

For one, it can help you to stay present and focused on what’s happening around you.

Being present means, among other things, you can give your co-worker your full attention as they explain how to perform a complicated task, instead of getting waylaid by other things. 

Learning to mindfully direct your attention to one task at a time can help you gently let go of those background thoughts. They’re still there, but they’re resting more quietly under the surface instead of clamoring for your attention.

This helps free up mental bandwidth, making experiences more enjoyable and less rushed.

Meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, can help boost mindfulness and relieve stress by teaching you to sit with distracting thoughts, acknowledge them, and let them go.

But even if meditation doesn’t work out, you can still use mindfulness to increase your awareness as you go about your day.

Here’s how:

  • Focus on sensations. Use your five senses to fully tune in to the experiences of daily life, however mundane they might seem. Scrubbing the shower? Pay attention to the rhythm of the sponge, the scent of the cleaner, the smooth texture of the tub. Cycling to work? Notice the wind on your face, the different scents in different areas you pass, the tightening and loosening of your muscles as you pedal.

  • Focus on your breath. If you start to feel overwhelmed, intentionally slowing your breathing can help you ground yourself and return to the present. Breathe in slowly, hold the breath for a few seconds, then breathe out again. Repeat 10 times.

  • Stay curious. Fully opening your mind to what you can learn from a given situation can help you maintain your concentration. When feelings come up, ask yourself what triggered them and why. If you center on the same distracting thought, trace it back to the source to learn more about what causes it.

You’ll probably notice your thoughts continue to drift occasionally. This is normal, so try not to criticize yourself for not being mindful enough. Instead, just return your thoughts to whatever you want to focus on. It can take time to pick up this skill, but eventually your mind will grow accustomed to staying present.

  1. Write A Diary Or Keep A Blog

Write a diary - google image 

If you have lots of anxieties and worries, then writing them down in a diary or start a blog can help you put them into some kind of perspective. Writing all your thoughts down clears up space in your head, so that you will be free to use your mind for more satisfying and meaningful reflections. Simply set aside a certain amount of time each day for your writing session in order to regularly declutter your mind. Your diary or blog will also act as a good source for when you need to look back and find out when you did specific things.

  1. Sleep it off

A good night’s sleep can refresh you when you feel physically tired - google image

A good night’s sleep can refresh you when you feel physically tired. What you might not know, though, is that getting enough sleep can also help safeguard against mental fatigue and emotional distress.

Insufficient or poor sleep can interfere with your ability to solve problems and make decisions, and you might find it harder to remember important information or regulate your emotions.

Feeling overly tired can also lead to mental overwhelm, making it more difficult to detach from your jumbled thoughts and concentrate on what you need to do.

To reset your brain for optimal daytime performance, aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. 

Source: realbuzz, healthline



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