Ginger has long been considered a good and safe remedy for weight loss for many people. Today, I shares with you the ways to lose weight by ginger that has been applied and successful by many people. Our advice is to apply the following ways to weight loss with ginger harmoniously and properly. 

Weight loss with ginger and vinegar

The procedure is very simple, does not cost too much, just need fresh ginger and enough rice vinegar juice. The combination of ginger and vinegar works very well in fat loss, along with burning fat, filtering and removing waste from the body faster.

Method: Fresh ginger must be washed, sliced ​​thinly and evenly, then drain and put into a clean, dry, odorless glass bottle. Next, pour in the rice vinegar to make it as tall as ginger. Store in a cool place or fridge compartment, soak for more than a week to be used immediately.

Each morning you eat about 3 slices of fresh ginger pickled in a certain time will help you soon get the body you want.

Lose weight with ginger and honey

The next way to lose weight by fresh ginger is by drinking honey ginger juice every day. This is an extremely simple but effective way, very surprising, so a lot of people share and widely used.

How to do the following: You just need to put out the ginger pieces just enough then put in about 200ml of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of honey and you have a cup of delicious ginger honey water in the hot summer and It also helps you to lose weight effectively every day.

In addition, if you want to increase the taste or refresh the drink to become more delicious and colorful, you can mix honey ginger with tea. Similar to the above method, but it is okay to replace hot water with warm tea water (remember that the water needs to be warm so that the ginger pieces can secrete its essence). If you don’t have honey, you can make ginger tea without the added honey and you can still lose weight effectively.

trà gừng ta mật ong

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Weight loss with ginger and massage

Ginger wine when absorbed into the subcutaneous fat area has the effect of promoting the body’s fat breakdown process 4 times faster than normal, this is considered a gentle but effective way to lose the balance of fresh ginger. is very good

There are 2 ways of massage as follows:

  • Method 1: Use about 1 kg of crushed or crushed ginger, get soaked with 1 liter of white wine (rice wine) for about 1 month, get this mixture to the abdomen and massage daily.
  • Method 2: Grind fresh ginger very finely then strain the juice and rub directly on the fat to reduce fat before bathing for about 20 minutes. Doing about 2-3 times / week you will see unexpected effects within 1 month.

Note: After the massage is complete, you should wipe the massage area to avoid acne or allergy because ginger is very hot. Persistently implementing a way to reduce the weight of fresh ginger in about 1 month, you will see the effect on both its great results and quickly bring you a slim and balanced physique.

Weight loss with ginger and lemon


Lemon and fresh ginger are both ingredients for weight loss. If you combine them together to double the fat loss effect.

Materials to prepare:

  • 1 small fresh ginger
  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 500ml of filtered water

Implementation Guide:

Bring the water to a boil, then sliced the fresh ginger. Wait about 15 minutes for the essence of ginger to dissolve into water. If you can bear the bitterness, you can add a little lemon zest.


This ginger juice you will drink for 1 day, divided into 2 glasses. Each time you drink, you will squeeze the juice of half a lemon.

You can also warm up the water every time you drink it for a better effect. The most suitable time to drink is before breakfast and before dinner 15 minutes.

Lose weight with fresh ginger juice

Uống trà gừng nóng để đẩy lùi đau họng

Simple, easy to implement but equally effective, it is a way to reduce belly fat with fresh ginger juice.

With fresh ginger juice, you can choose one of two ways or apply both ways to reduce belly fat as follows:

  • Method 1: You crush a fresh branch of ginger to get water, or slices are then put in 1 cup of filtered water and boil. Drink warm ginger water before breakfast 15 minutes.
  • Method 2: You pound fresh ginger and then apply water to the abdomen, using two hands gently massage in a spiral and from the bottom to the top combined with pat, press gently for about 15 minutes. You do this method 3-4 times / week, after dinner 1-2 hours.

Weight loss with ginger and salt

How to reduce belly fat with fresh ginger and salt is widely applied, especially after giving birth because in addition to reducing fat, they also prevent some postpartum symptoms.

To apply this method, you only need to pound 300 grams of fresh ginger and roast with 500 grams of salt.

Wait until the salt turns milky, turn off the heat, add the ginger roasted mixture to a thin cloth, tie tightly and apply on the abdomen, until cooled, stop. Apply 3-4 times / week after dinner about 2 hours.

Some notes:

You should not consume too much fresh ginger in the body for 1 day which can cause some digestive problems. Take the correct dosage.

Reducing belly fat with ginger needs to be persistent, apply continuously for at least 1 month to see the effect.

Combined with scientific diet menu and exercise will support effective belly fat burning.

I wish you success and quickly get a slim waist thanks to these ways to lose weight by fresh ginger.

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