Cantaloupe - the ideal food for pregnant women

03.04.2020 15:07


Cantaloupe is a fruit with high nutritional value. Especially, it is very good for pregnant women.


1. Nutritional ingredients

Dưa lưới chứa nhiều chất dinh dưỡng

Cantaloupe contains much nutrients


Cantaloupe (also known as yellow melon) belongs to the cucurbits. There are round or long, blue skin, when ripe it is golden and has white veins interwoven. Inside, it is orange-yellow or yellow-tipped looks like attractive papaya, sweet and fresh.


It has water content  (88%), with a high content of potassium (300mg / 100g), melon has a purifying, diuretic, fiber (1g / 100g), laxative (48 Kcal) ), beta carotene and vitamin C.


According to the results of quantitative analysis, minerals and vitamins, for every 100g of cantaloupe contains: Folic acid (21 μg), Nianci (0.734 mg), beta-carotene (2020 μg), magnesium (12 mg), iron 0.21 mg), calcium (9 mg), vitamin C (36.7 mg), vitamin A (169 μg), energy (34 kcal).


2. What is the benefit of eating cantaloupe for pregnant women?


Golden melon censored is a safe fruit during pregnancy. They are rich in nutrients so it is very beneficial for pregnant women and fetuses. Golden melon does not cause any side effects or allergies when consumed. However, when using fresh cantaloupe, you need to thoroughly clean to avoid harmful substances in the peel.


Dưa lưới rất tốt cho phụ nữ mang thai

Cantaloupe is really good for pregnant women


Treatment of constipation


Water content in the cantaloupe is quite high that can prevent dehydration and de-electrolytes from the body. They have a cooling effect, which helps regulate body temperature, thus preventing constipation, a problem that mothers often encounter during pregnancy.


Vitamin B1 offers many different benefits


Thiamine or vitamin B1 helps to form a healthy central nervous system in the fetus and helps mothers solve many prenatal health problems. Vitamin B1 helps control nausea and morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is important that this food improves the quality of breast milk after birth.


Adjust your blood pressure


Kali in cantaloupe helps regulate blood pressure fluctuations during pregnancy.


Ideal food for pregnant women who are overweight


Being overweight during pregnancy can put you at risk of miscarriage, premature birth and high blood pressure. The amount of calories in cantaloupe is negligible, so this is an excellent substitute for high fat foods. Cantaloupe is totally free of fat and cholesterol.


Support digestion


Cantaloupes help to digest food better. It helps mothers to control heartburn, acid reflux, deflation or any other digestive problems.


3. Kentary sugar free freeze-dried cantaloupe

 Dưa lưới sấy lạnh không đường Kentary

Kentary sugar free freeze-dried cantaloupe


With freeze dry technology, Kentary cantaloupes retain the same color and nutrients. In addition, the product does not use sugar in the production process, mothers have peace of mind.