Does colloidal silver work for shingles outbreak and shingles neuralgia – i.e., the excruciating nerve pain that often goes along with a shingles outbreak?

Most people know that “shingles,” also known as herpes zoster virus outbreak, can cause a painful, blistering skin rash that can last two to four weeks, or even longer.

Some victims might also develop severe nerve pain that can last for months, or even for years after the rash goes away. This is called post-herpetic neuralgia, and it’s the most common complication of shingles.


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Shingles is caused by the varicella zoster virus – the same virus that causes chickenpox. Apparently, if you’ve ever had chickenpox, this virus resides inside you for life, normally in a dormant state.

But experts say it can “reactivate” years later, particularly during times of physical or mental stress, and when immunity is low. This is why it so often afflicts the aged. Only, instead of causing chickenpox, it causes the painful “shingles” outbreaks.

Pain from shingles can be excruciating, oftentimes described as deep burning or “stabbing” pain, often in conjunction with uncontrollable itching and deep, debilitating aches.

Experts say that’s because the shingles virus prefers to live in the nerve cells of the human body, and when reactivated it inflames those cells.

1.Colloidal Silver and Shingles

According to the book Prescriptions for Natural Healing by Phyllis A. Balch and her husband Dr. James F. Balch, M.D., colloidal silver is indeed effective for treating shingles.

Here’s from page 622 of the 3rd edition of their book, listing shingles as a condition that can be treated effectively with colloidal silver:

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) – “A natural antibiotic that has shown effectiveness in treating shingles. Can be taken internally and used topically.” (p. 622)

And according to a very old issue of the British Medical Journal (December 15, 1917), researcher J. Mark Hovell wrote:

“Colloidal silver has also been used successfully in septic conditions of the mouth (including pyorrhea alveolysis – Rigg’s disease), throat (including tonsillitis and quincies), ear (including Menier’s symptoms and closure to Valsalva’s inflation), and iin generalized septicemia, leucorrhea, cystitis, whooping cough and shingles.”

2.Small Silver Particles Work Best

Radio talk show host Robert Scott Bell says “actively charged silver nanoparticles or cations (positively charged silver ions) are effective against shingles outbreaks, “if the silver particles are small enough.”

The smaller the silver particles, the more easily they can penetrate the virus itself, he explains, and bind to the genetic material combined within it, rendering the shingles virus unable to replicate. “This,” he says, “can stop an infection in its tracks.”

“Just one teaspoon held sublingually for about a minute before swallowing, taken every waking hour while in the throes of an outbreak can be of great assistance. Spread doses out as symptoms improve.”

Bell says he has seen the topical application of the silver gel and concomitant oral ingestion of the colloidal silver dramatically shorter the duration and severity of shingles outbreaks.

He goes on to say “If you feel like you may be susceptible or on the verge of a shingles attack, you can prophylactically begin frequent dosing with silver. Longer-term prevention for those vulnerable would include using one teaspoon three to five times daily to assist with immune system rebuilding.”

3.But does colloidal silver really work for shingles outbreak and shingles neuralgia

I’ve had quite a few experienced colloidal silver users over the years write to tell me that colloidal silver helped immensely with shingles outbreaks.

As noted earlier, shingles is caused by a virus that likes to “hibernate” in the nerve cells of your body.

In other words, this virus generally lies dormant when residing in the nerve cells. This is why it is so painful when they finally become active. Their renewed activity apparently causes severe irritation and inflammation to the nerves.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get colloidal silver deep into the nerve cells where the viruses dwell in their dormant state, as the nerves are protected by the myelin sheath which acts as “insulation” to the nerves.

Nevertheless, based upon numerous communications I’ve had with shingles victims who have used colloidal silver successfully for this debilitating condition, once the viruses have become active the silver appears to be effective in killing many, and driving the rest back into their dormant state.

Many researchers say colloidal silver also helps stimulate immunity, which is important, because lowered immunity is often one reason why the shingles virus can become active from its normally dormant state.

In many cases, when colloidal silver is used daily, in small amounts (i.e., one teaspoonful to one tablespoonful per day) between shingles outbreaks, the length of time between those outbreaks is often dramatically increased, with many people saying they can go for years without another shingles outbreak.

What’s more, when an outbreak finally does occur, the duration is often dramatically lessened. People who had usually endured shingles outbreaks lasting for weeks at a time find that new outbreaks last only for a few days to a week at most, when colloidal silver has been used faithfully in the interim.

Finally, experienced colloidal silver users tell me that during the course of a shingles outbreak, taking somewhat higher daily dosages of colloidal silver can help reduce the symptoms dramatically, and reduce the length and severity of the outbreak.

Most of the colloidal silver users I’ve spoken with on this subject tell me they’ve ingested anywhere from two ounces to four ounces of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver daily during the course of the outbreaks (i.e., for no more than 10 days), while also spraying 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver topically onto the shingles outbreaks three to five times a day, or as needed to help stop the itching and surface pain, and heal the skin lesions.


Colloidal Nano Silver 10ppm

4.What Shingles Victims Say

“I’ve had Colloidal Silver for some years now and have found many uses for the silver water, ranging from flyblown sheep, to toe fungus, to of course the usual cold, flu treatments.

But the most dramatic use I have found was for a case of shingles I had two and a half years ago.

But the most dramatic use I have found was for a case of shingles I had two and a half years ago.

It started with nerve pain in my back. When the little red spots appeared, I went to the doctor, got it diagnosed, and came away with prescriptions for $250 worth of salve, pain pills, antibiotic pills, and a warning from the doctor that in all likelihood I would have to come back for more.

Two days later the pain had increased to the point that it was unbearable.

Knowing that something other than the doctor’s prescriptions was needed, I had my wife pour colloidal silver in her hand and literally wash my back with it. Fifteen minutes later the pain was gone. Not just diminished, but GONE!

And it never came back. Also, the outbreak, the little red spots, never got any worse than if they were pimples, did not scab, and soon disappeared.”

– A. D. Robinson, UT

“I also gave some colloidal silver to a friend who was suffering with a bad case of shingles.

I gave her colloidal silver in combination with olive leaf extract and her shingles and pain disappeared in days. She told me that her Shingles usually last 6-8 wks.

The outbreak that was inside her mouth healed within 12 hrs. She swished the colloidal silver around in her mouth for 1 min. before swallowing it.

She drank 1-2 oz. about 5-7 times per day for 3 days along with about 1 TBL. of olive leaf extract.”

– T.R.B., Montgomery, TX

“I was experiencing cold sores (the herpes kind, little clusters of blisters) in multiple places on my face, while having light sensitivity and head pain!

A nurse said that it sounded like shingles. So I contacted a friend, who had done a cleanse for viral infections, and it involved the use of 1 ounce of 10 ppm colloidal silver every 4 hours, for a month.

This cleanse was for 1 month (that included night doses) and symptoms of the herpes sores were gone for 2 years as a result.”

– Johanna Brosie, AZ

“My husband and I have been using the Colloidal Silver for five years. The same generator. We love it.

When I had shingles, I put it on the spots and drank about 2 oz every four hours. I never, never took the medicine they prescribed for me.

I believe catching it as fast as I did (I had a doctor’s appointment and one spot was on my forehead), probably helped matters.

I think the secret for us, since we have never had the flu nor the shot, is taking it like you would your medicine. Keeping it in your system every four hours during the outbreak has been what worked for us.”

– Linda F.

Here are some additional testimonials on colloidal silver and shingles from the web site.

This first one is from an elderly individual who had shingles in around her right eye:

“I have suffered from Shingles Neuralgia around my right eye for over 2 years. The optic nerve was not affected. I had continual irritation of the eye lid and the whole eye orbit, with a small weeping itching area on the lower lid.

I applied the colloidal silver solution over the lid and right side of the face. The weeping area disappeared and has not returned for 2 months. It interrupted my sleep at night, and would drain into the right eye. No more eye lid drainage.

The general burning, pain and swelling around the orbit has greatly decreased and my sleep had improved. I am also full of energy and regaining my exercise program, along with daily yoga stretches.

I’m 77, and was thinking that life was not worth living. Now I am planning a whole new life and moving from AK to Hawaii.”

Here’s another testimonial, this one from a lady who was able to get rid of a painful shingles outbreak in just a few days using colloidal silver:

“I realized I had the start of shingles one Friday night. The stinging and irritation was getting worse and worse.

I was trying to think what I could do to relieve the pain when I remembered I had a bottle of colloidal silver in the back of the cabinet. My mom had given it to me a few years earlier.

I started applying it and immediately I felt relief. I would have relief for about 1/2 an hour and then would apply it again. I wondered if cool water would give the same relief – it did not. The silver was actually doing something to relieve the pain.

I started taking it orally then, and continued to apply it to relieve the pain. I planned to go to the doctor on Monday morning, but by Monday the shingles were almost completely gone!

That sold me. I have used  colloidal silver  to cure ear infections, sinus infections, pink eye, and sore throats. I use it on cuts and burns, insect bites, etc.

Sometimes I add some to the rinse cycle of my laundry. It takes away the musty smell that sometimes is in the dishcloths and towels during the hot summer months. I LOVE colloidal silver!”


Colloidal Silver has many benefits – google image 

Here’s a testimonial I found on the website:

“I have personally given colloidal silver to SIX different people in my small town that had shingles – both externally and internally – and every single one of them have completely recovered after only spraying it on externally and/or taking doses of it internally at one ounce three times a day for a week or less!!!

Those with exposed nerve endings and multiple lesions had instant pain relief when they sprayed the colloidal silver on or dabbed it on with a q-tip.

One man tried to go back to the prescription his doctor had given him, an antibiotic ointment, and he got much worse and had to quickly stop the ointment and start spraying the colloidal silver on again – and within 48 hours, his healing resumed, and his pain was GONE. Not so with ANYTHING antibiotic!!

Shingles are a viral infection, and colloidal silver is a proven antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-everything solution.”

Here’s another very interesting testimonial, this one from the site:

“I seem to have Shingles…It’s only a mild case, thankfully…I’ve had the rash down my left side for 36 hours now.

At first for the whole day I thought it was an allergic reaction, but when it started blistering last night I put 2 + 2 together. I shall come back & do a proper update when I’m better…

I’ve been taking regular doses of vitamin C – 3 to 10 grams daily. And secondly, Colloidal Silver applied topically has given AMAZING relief from the itching!

The itching went soon after application of the colloidal silver & didn’t come back. In addition the rash started to improve and the swelling went down somewhat.”

Finally, many people I’ve spoken to have also found that taking one capsule of the immune-boosting supplement, Beta-1,3, 1,6-glucan, several times a day during a shingles outbreak, dramatically lessened the pain and shortened the outbreaks compared to previous outbreaks.


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