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As you all know, male androgen hormones are the culprits that cause acne in women. If estrogen brings thin, smooth skin, preserves female sexual characteristics that make women more sensual, beautiful, androgen affects sebaceous glands to produce oil to make skin smooth and slick . When the male androgenic hormone produces too much, the skin produces more oil, excess sebum, and speeds up the cell's keratinization, which clog pores leading to acne formation.

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Especially to the menstrual cycle, acne gets more and more.

To treat hormonal acne dermatologists often prescribe you to take oral contraceptives or use combined endocrine tablets containing cyproterone acetate (CPA).

Long-term oral contraceptives are not good for health because of unwanted side effects.

If you want to choose a safer method, you should use estrogen-enhancing foods like cassava, soy, beetroot ..., now soy is genetically modified food (GMO). Most should not be safe for health anymore, so you should switch to using unidentified products such as cassava beetroot to treat hormonal acne.

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Today Kentary will show you a method of treating hormonal acne completely from nature, it is prerequisite that you must persevere to get a beauty from within.


I. Treatment of external hormonal acne (formed):

1. Skin cleansing: This is a very important step You should carefully follow each step.


• Wake up every morning You drink 1 glass of filtered water on an empty stomach and then wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

Take 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt finely mixed together with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1/2 spoon of honey to neutralize the bitterness of the lemon to make the skin smooth and smooth on the face instead of cleanser.

• Wait about 5 minutes to dry and gently rub the crystallized salt on your face to remove dead cells.

• Then use warm salt water (can use physiological saline, sea salt water with lightness such as eating soup, not using iodized salt) clean face.

• Then use extremely cold water to wash your face again, leaving your face dry, not using a face towel.

Experience using extremely cold water washes my face: I often take a bottle of water, put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, before preparing to wash my face for about 15 minutes at room temperature before starting to wash my face with lemon , salt, honey. After finishing with warm water, it is about time that my ice cube has partially dissolved, I use that cold water to wash my face. After that, adding cold water left in the freezer tomorrow to wash the face.

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Washing your face properly is the first step to getting rid of acne - collected image


- Every night before going to bed you use warm salt water as above wash your face, let yourself dry and go to sleep.

Wear a mask when going out

2. Note

- Absolutely not put your hand to touch your face, every time you wash your face, wash your hands with antibacterial soap first.

3. Time

- About 2 months will see the effect.

II. Treating hormonal acne with cassava from inside

1. Treatment of hormonal acne by natural food

Drinking cassava flour mixed with warm water once a day, it is best to drink wood, do not mix sugar, add lemon to enhance nutrition.

- How to do: Put 2 tablespoons of cassava flour in 100ml of warm water to stir thoroughly, add lemon, a little sugar or honey and drink, drink at any time, preferably in the morning or noon because the powder Kudzu also works to heat, cool the liver, detoxify. (Kudzu powder mixed with many fake dough so buy a reputable address, because there have been cases of fake tapioca powder mixed with plaster with honey, causing unfortunate consequences).

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Cassava flour is added with hormones to make skin beautiful and clear acne - Minh Truong's image

- Eat plenty of beetroot, soy, bean sprouts to need hormones. Green vegetables, colorful fruits with sour taste to supplement vitamins, sweet fruits provide plenty of sugar will make your acne situation worse.

- Get enough sleep for 1 day 7 hours.

- Avoid eating sweets, sugar and fat.

Absolutely do not apply any cosmetics, lotion on the face.

If you want to use, you should wait until the acne is gone, your skin is healthy, after 2 months of use.

Remember that the beauty of the skin You have long-term is derived from the inside, You should choose easy-to-digest foods for your digestive system to work well, the skin is the mirror of the target chemical.

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3. Time of hormonal acne treatment

- About 6 months will see the effect.

Cassava flour in addition to treating hormonal acne, also works to reduce acne caused by hot body, detoxification, constipation and help your intestines work well.

Cassava flour is an alkaline food so it is good for the stomach, but due to the lax and very cool properties, you should not use it when the body is cold, cold belly. Using overdose will cause diarrhea.

Summary from Science & Vie and other sources

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