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Black turmeric in Eastern medicine is also called “Nga Truat (Rhizoma Zedoariae)”. However, depending on the locality, black turmeric is also called by many different names such as purple turmeric, purple wormwood, green wormwood, turmeric .

In terms of shape, black turmeric is very similar to yellow turmeric but has a deep purple color. Black turmeric contains a lot of essential oils. According to traditional medicine, black turmeric has bitterness, spicy, pungent odor, warmth, air action, blood circulation, food consumption, strong lethargy, stimulation of digestion, diarrhea and diarrhea .

Black turmeric enhances bile excretion, stimulates digestion, increases gastrointestinal and antimicrobial tone .

Black turmeric has many therapeutic uses -  illustrating image


- According to traditional medicine, black turmeric is spicy, bitter, temperate, can enter into the action of air, blood break, intelligence, analysis, real chemistry. Therefore, it is often used for abdominal pain, dyspepsia, flatulence, menstruation, bleeding, irregular menstruation, blood clots (thrombosis) .

Dose 3-6 g in the form of oral colors or powder .

- In Western medicine, they are used in tonic applications. Every day, using one teaspoon of black turmeric flour dissolved in water will help eat more and taste better. But note that only for those who do not suffer from stomach ulcers, completely different from gold, so you should pay attention to this! 

Black turmeric has a very strong blood break effect -  illustratig image

- Black turmeric is often used to treat diseases such as cervical and vaginal cancer, treatment of dysmenorrhea, menstruation, irregular menstruation, dyspepsia, bloating, nausea and vomiting Bruising on the skin ... With these uses, many families start giving them daily meals to both change and taste. However, this type of technology is often used in the form of powder, powder or tablet .


Patients can use black turmeric to prepare food, however, it is best to use it as a medicine.

1. Uneven menstruation:

Expression: irregular menstruation, many blood clots; closing in, blood coming out long, black, crowded into small blocks. Patients often have abdominal pain before seeing the period .

How to do: Black turmeric and sample benefits, equal amount of 15g .

Usage: Drink on a dose per day 

Black turmeric treat irregular menstruation -  illustrating image

2. Treating vomiting in a nursing child:

How to do: 4g black turmeric, salt to eat 3 seeds, boil with boiling milk for about 5 minutes, dissolve little bit of Angongniuhuang (amount of rice grain) .

How to use: Usage: drink orally several times a day .

3. Cure orange spots Expression:

Children with anorexia, malnutrition, rotten stool defecation: How to do: 6g black turmeric, 4g buffalo seed .

Usage: drink on a dose per day

4. Anorexia Expression:

Poor eating, delayed digestion, flatulence, fatigue, abdominal cold, defecation of the stool, chronic intestinal fungi .

How to do: Black turmeric 160g, cup 20g, shields (star) 40g, seeds of 40g, post center (wick) 16g, male wood incense 16g, stick 20g, stick incense incense 20g; bear heart 160g, tamlet 160g, clove 16g. All taste approved by fine powder, finished member .

Usage: Drink 8 to 12g daily with ginger juice (grilled cooked) .

Black turmeric cure anorexia in children - illustrating  image

5. Additional gas, nourshing blood:

Expression: Asthenia, poor absorption of digestion, paleness, anemia, easy to feel How to do it: Black turmeric flour: Black turmeric, angelica, repatriated, licorice, regular, field, white, cross-frame. Equal amounts (equally 40g). All crush to the powder, finished flour .

Usage: drink 8 to 12g daily .

Note: Practical experience shows that if the medicine is made into a drinking scale, the effect is poor, due to the sharp changes in the nature of the medicine, especially some herbs containing essential oils like angelica, repatriated ... lost essential oil and lost the "good" of the remedy .

6. Full of belly:

How to do: Black turmeric and tam lang (Barringtonia macrostachya), 6g each, 9g barley, 15g tangerine peel skow- cooked medicine drink together .

Usage: drink a dose per day

7. Epilepsy has blood clots:

Manifestations: Epilepsy with clotting blood, dysmenorrhea .

How to do: Get black technology and high-quality samples, take 15g each thing slow-cooked medicine

Usage: one dose per day .

Black turmeric has a lot of good uses for women -  collected image

8. Intermittent abdominal pain due to cold air infection:

Method: crush 100g of black technology and 50g of incense wood into powder .

Usage: drink 2g each time with a little diluted vinegar .

9. Jaundice hepatitis:

How to do: Black turmeric, yellow turmeric, owl grass, juvenile tangerine fruit, all of the mass, dried powdered flour, mixed with honey as a pellets

Contraindicated for stomach ulcers

Due to the blood-breaking nature, black turmeric has absolutely no effect on wound healing, whereas it also makes treatment more difficult, longer healing wounds, in stark contrast to yellow turmeric so you need to pay attention!

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