Last post I published a short guest article on using colloidal silver for burns and sunburn, which included a do-it-yourself recipe for a colloidal silver sunburn lotion. Now, we’ll take a look at some more of the profound anecdotal evidence for colloidal silver’s startling effectiveness as a pain reliever and healing agent for both sunburn and burns of all sorts…


Colloidal silver is known to be helpful for healing a wide variety of skin conditions – google image

Colloidal silver – the world’s most powerful, natural infection-fighting agent – is known to be helpful for healing a wide variety of skin conditions, ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to bug bites, acne and other skin eruptions, plus dandruff, MRSA boils, sunburn, and yes, even significant burns.

In fact, many hospitals use a prescription cream called Silvadene (i.e., silver sulfadiazine) on burns, including on severe sunburn.

My Personal Experience with Silver Sulfadiazine

I’ve only had one experience with silver sulfadiazine, and the stuff worked wonderfully for me.

After an all-day fishing trip in the Colorado Mountains back in 1991, I had a very badly sunburned face, with severe blistering all over my forehead, nose, cheeks and down to my neck.

When I say “severe blistering,” I mean huge blisters that filled with water, were extremely painful and had to be popped, leaving dead skin all over my face.

The doctor prescribed silver sulfadiazine cream (i.e., Silvadene cream). And as soon as I got home from the pharmacy and rubbed some onto my burnt face and neck the relief was immediate. Within three days you couldn’t tell I’d been sunburned and blistered hardly at all.

Interestingly, silver sulfadiazine cream was initially used on burn patients in hospital burn wards, as a means of keeping the dead, necrotizing flesh of severe burn patients from becoming infected. And it worked wonders. According to a 1973 study in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy:

“657 different types of bacteria from 22 different bacterial species were exposed to silver sulfadiazine. All strains were inhibited by levels which can easily be obtained topically. Strains resistant to sulfadiazine or multiple antibiotics were sensitive to silver sulfadiazine.”

– Carr, Howard S., Wlodkowski, Theodore J., and Rosenkranz, Herbert S. 1973. Silver sulfadiazine: in vitro antibacterial activity. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 4(5), 585– 587.

But what doctors soon discovered was that the silver also stimulated healing of the flesh, as well. The dead necrotizing burned flesh was easier to debride after the silver treatment. And the healthy pink skin that grew in underneath often grew at an astonishing pace.

How Can Silver Relieve Sunburn Pain?

Regarding colloidal silver’s remarkable ability to reduce pain when used topically, Dr. Aundrea Adams, Ph.D., of the International Institute of Holistic Healing, points out the following:

“Many people are skeptical of claims that colloidal silver can take away pain and accelerate healing. Nevertheless, these impressive attributes are firmly grounded in medical science.

Pain is caused by an interruption of the electrical current that normally flows throughout the body at 50 to 70 millivolts. At the point of injury, the current drops towards zero millivolts. This lack of electrical energy also impedes healing.

Silver is a superconductor that bridges the electrical gap and restores healthy current flow. You can prove this to yourself by placing a silver coin on a burn and experiencing instant pain relief.

In clinical trials at an FDA-approved laboratory, even silver-coated bandages were proven to have analgesic and regenerative properties.”

Indeed, it was way back in the 1970’s that Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., of Syracuse University, did his original ground-breaking research into silver’s healing and regenerative effects on skin, soft tissue, and even bone.

So this information is nothing new. It simply remains unacknowledged by modern medical science – unless, of course, they have a prescription-only product like Silvadene cream they want to sell you, or some silver-impregnated bandages. Then silver is touted as a “miracle substance” by the medical establishment).

What I’d Do for a Burn, or Sunburn

I’m not a doctor. So I can’t and won’t “prescribe” here. But if I had a burn and couldn’t get a prescription for the Silvadene cream in a timely manner from my family doctor, I’d likely do one of the following to help stop the burn pain and stimulate healing:

I’d use a good commercial colloidal silver gel or cream product on it. Or, I’d make up a quick batch of the colloidal silver-based sunburn recipe.

Short of that, many experienced colloidal silver users swear that simply using a pump spray bottle to spray 10 ppm liquid colloidal silver onto sunburned skin four or five times a day – essentially “misting” the burned areas of the body with colloidal silver, and allowing it to air dry – helps bring rapid and dramatic relief from the sunburn pain and stimulates healing of the skin as well.

Khoáng bạc tinh khiết nano 10ppm trị ho – sổ mũi

Colloidal Nano Silver 10ppm

Colloidal Silver for Severe Burns?

As pointed out in last week’s article, colloidal silver works on just about any kind of burn, not just sunburn.

For example, in Dr. Robert O. Young’s excellent book, The pH Miracle, I found the following dramatic account of a severe burn being healed with colloidal silver:

“I was told I had second-and third-degree burns on my face and third-degree burns on my hands….the very next day my mother brought me colloidal silver, with directions to use it externally and internally as frequently as possible, because it assists in growth of new tissue.

She had learned from Dr. Young that silver’s positive electrical charge counters the negative charge of a damaged body area, bringing it back into balance and enabling the body to regenerate and heal itself.

Mom sprayed undiluted colloidal silver onto the burned areas, and I took it by drops under my tongue…My mother applied the silver many times a day. It was absorbed into my skin instantly. It felt cool and tingling and loosened the tension on my face, hands, and fingertips…

…After only one day of treatment with silver, it was obvious the healing was happening very rapidly. New tissue and skin grew back at an accelerated pace. The swelling of my head diminished rapidly and the breathing apparatus came off almost immediately.

The plastic surgeon told me I was healing twice as fast as any burn patient he had ever seen in his long career.”

– quoted from The pH Miracle: Balance Your Body, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O. Young, PhD., pgs 137-138

And here’s another interesting testimonial on Facebook named Rachel:

“My most recent use of colloidal silver was as a burn remedy. I burned myself pretty good, but used colloidal silver on it, and it didn’t even blister and fill with fluid.

The skin turned white and stayed flat and painless. Then it just peeled.

I then used some colloidal silver mixed with essential oils of ylang ylang and frankincense and applied it to a burn on my daughter’s face from use of a welted curling iron.

It was completely healed with only redness on the skin that looked more like a light birthmark. It’s amazing.”

– Rachelle B.

And one more interesting colloidal silver testimonial:

“I must share my Burn story: Last summer, I was cooking rice and when lifting the lid I got a major steam burn on my wrist.

The pain was unbearable, and my husband drove me to the hospital immediately because of the color my skin was, and how melted it looked. He knew it was going to be a third degree.

So we got seen by a doctor after waiting in the waiting room, and all they did was dress it with a bandage and put some cream on it that he said would help with the pain and healing.. He also mentioned that I needed to fill a prescription for said cream(Silvadene).

My husband sneaked a peek at the ingredients and saw that silver was right at the top of ingredients. We just nodded and said yes we would.

We came home that night and I soaked pads and bandages in colloidal silver three times a day so that the burn stayed moist. It was completely HEALED within 10 days to the point of not being able to tell I had a major burn just days before.

I was amazed at how beautiful it healed, as well as everyone around me.”

– Jenn F.

As you can see, colloidal silver works amazingly well for burns, as well as sunburn, whether you use it as a topical gel or cream product, or simply apply some liquid colloidal silver to the burn repeatedly throughout the day.


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