There’s tons of anecdotal evidence available (see below), demonstrating that colloidal silver is extremely effective against topical MRSA infections, i.e., MRSA boils and sores.


And there’s a plethora of clinical research demonstrating the ability of antimicrobial silver to kill the MRSA pathogen.

However, a few people have written to tell me their stubborn MRSA infections keep coming back. Or that just as soon as they begin to get rid of one outbreak, another one comes along, piggy-backing the first one.

Why does this happen?

Experts say that oftentimes the infected individual is being re-infected due to lack of necessary sanitary measures and poor personal hygiene during the initial treatment period. Dietary issues that favor the growth of the MRSA pathogen also have to be taken into account.

7 tips for treating stubborn topical MRSA infection 

Here are 7 important tips I learned when my 85-year old mom had a stubborn topical MRSA infection that the doctor’s antibiotic drugs didn’t help…

When my 85-year old mom had MRSA four or five years ago, her doctor put her on antibiotic drugs. But they didn’t work. Her infection didn’t subside. And her topical MRSA outbreaks began to worsen.

So I began to research the situation, and in the course of that research I discovered a number of important tips. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the most important things I’ve learned. But please note: This is not “advice” from me. I’m not a doctor. This is just a general overview of the things I learned when researching MRSA infections for my mom’s situation:

Tip #1 – The staph bacteria behind MRSA thrives on sugar. So cutting edge doctors who study MRSA infections say you should significantly limit your sugar intake when dealing with an active MRSA infection. After all, sugar not only feeds the MRSA pathogen, but excessive sugar intake also weakens your immune system.

Tip #2 – Staph lives on your skin as a normal part of your body’s external bacterial flora. Usually, it does so without becoming infective, because your body’s immune system keeps it in check. But if you allow your immune system to weaken, MRSA colonies can and will take advantage of that, and begin to spread. Then they’ll work their way into any breach on the skin, and you end up with a nasty infection. An active MRSA infection is a sure-sign of weakened immunity. So…

Tip #3 – Holistic health doctors say MRSA victims should keep their immune systems in tip-top condition. Get plenty of rest, do what you can to eliminate stress in your life, exercise moderately to maintain physical strength and well-being, eat right, take a good multi-vitamin/mineral complex daily (not the cheap WalMart stuff), and…

Tip #4 – Consider taking a good immune system booster for awhile, such as Cat’s Claw, or better still, the NSC-24 brand of beta-glucan (see which is known to dramatically boost immunity.

Tip #5 – Because MRSA lives and thrives on skin, experts say personal hygiene is of utmost importance, especially in cases of MRSA topical boils, lesions and outbreaks. This means keeping the skin clean by showering several times daily and washing with a good antimicrobial soap. It also means keeping MRSA boils treated with a good antimicrobial gel – preferably one containing colloidal silver – and covered with gauze bandages which need to be changed regularly, if possible.

Tip #6 – Holistic health experts say it’s also essential to keep bed linens and other contact fabric (clothing, for example) super clean at all times. That’s because MRSA can get on fabric and live there for long periods of time, which means you can easily get re-infected from your own clothing, bed sheets, towels, etc. If there is any time when the old saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is important to take to heart, it’s when you have an active and stubborn MRSA infection.

Tip #7 – Holistic health experts say when a MRSA infection is present, it’s critical to use nutritional supplements known to help the body stop infections, such as colloidal silver, which should be used topically and taken orally if you’re not allergic to silver. The nutritional supplement turmeric (i.e., curcumin) is said to be another important infection-fighting natural substance (a spice) that’s highly recommended by some natural health experts for helping the body fight MRSA infections. MRSA sufferers generally take it internally, along with their vitamins.

What Mom Did


Colloidal Nano Silver 10ppm

So, with the above information firmly in mind, here’s what my mom did to help stop her stubborn, drug-resistant topical MRSA infection:

For three weeks she drank up to 4 ounces of 10 ppm colloidal silver daily. Now, that’s quite a big dose of colloidal silver. A typical daily dosage would be one teaspoon to one ounce per day, depending on body weight. So the dosage my mom used is not something a person would do for months on end, but instead, only for a few weeks at most while trying to give the body specific nutritional support it can use to better fight an active infection.

Three to four times a day, Mom also slathered her MRSA boils with ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Gel (contains 24 ppm colloidal silver). Now, some people prefer to spray their MRSA outbreaks with regular liquid colloidal silver. And that’s fine. Lots of people have had good success doing so. But my mom used the colloidal silver gel under the theory that it would keep silver particles in direct contact with the MRSA-infected skin outbreaks much longer than could a typical liquid colloidal silver product if it were merely being sprayed on the topical MRSA outbreaks. The ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Gel is available on Amazon. But just about any good, high-quality colloidal silver gel or cream should help. (Learn about additional colloidal silver gels and creams in my article, Germ-Busting Colloidal Silver Gels and Creams.)

Mom also took one daily capsule of NSC-24 brand Beta-glucan – a powerful natural immune system booster that helps the body fight infection while boosting immune system activity. (Available through

Mom also showered twice a day and washed her skin thoroughly with antimicrobial soap in order to wash the MRSA pathogens away. That’s more important than you might think when fighting an active MRSA infection in which topical outbreaks are prevalent, because as noted earlier, MRSA lives and even thrives on the skin surface. And the MRSA pathogens are constantly looking for ways to breach the skin barrier so they can go blood borne. Unfortunately, in about 20% of cases in which MRSA goes blood borne, the end result is death for the afflicted individual. So during a MRSA outbreak, it’s extremely important to keep the skin as clean and disinfected as possible, and keep cuts or scratches covered. As her antimicrobial soap, mom used the brand called Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Soap, which is available on Amazon. But just about any good antimicrobial soap should do the trick.

Mom also put bed sheets over every piece of furniture in the spots where she most likes to sit, including her favorite “kick back” chair from which she watches TV in the evenings. This was to help keep the MRSA pathogens off the furniture. Unfortunately, MRSA can live in the fabric of furniture for weeks on end. And it can infect anyone else in the family who sits in the same spot. It can even re-infect the victim. So mom kept bed sheets on her furniture to help prevent the MRSA pathogen from getting into the fabric of her furniture and potentially infecting other family members. And she changed the sheets out daily to avoid re-infecting herself.

Finally, Mom washed her clothing and the sheets on her bed daily, because MRSA can live and thrive in the fabric of clothing or sheets. It can even spread to everything in the laundry hamper. So each day for three weeks while she fought her active infection, my mom did a lot of laundry in order to help keep the pathogens from spreading elsewhere.

The bottom line is that these really nasty, stubborn cases of MRSA require a LOT of maintenance and a LOT of persistence if you want to beat them. .

Some Interesting Testimonials


Colloidal silver is extremely effective against topical MRSA infections – google image 

Here’s an interesting testimonial regarding a stubborn case of MRSA that was finally resolved thanks to colloidal silver:

“I am currently fighting an infection on my ankle that started as a eczema sore that I picked at foolishly. It now has a staph infection that the doctors so far have been unable to find an antibiotic that works against.

I run a small bird refuge and I have found it hard to attend the infection clinic that the doctors wanted me to go to. I took things into my own hands and started treating the infection with colloidal silver.

My methods are rather primitive; I have simply strapped a thick piece of cotton wool to my ankle that is regularly soaked in colloidal silver. I had continual pain in the sore, that I did not realise at the time was being caused by the bacteria.

Once the colloidal silver has been on the wound for a couple of hours the pain subsided. I had been taking regular pain killers for this pain and I was able to stop taking them. The sore is slowly getting smaller and cleaner looking, but it is difficult to keep the cotton wet as this also irritates my eczema.

I made the mistake of leaving the cotton off one night to give my skin a chance to dry out, but in the morning there was yellow liquid coming out of the wound again and the pain had returned. You have to keep the treatment up 24/7 otherwise it comes back quickly. It is only going slowly, but it is going, which is more than was happening with the antibiotics from the doctor.”

So, that’s what one person was doing for a more stubborn case of MRSA. Here’s a shorter account from another individual who’s experienced great success with colloidal silver against recurring MRSA infections:

“Colloidal silver has helped my MRSA. No break outs in a long time. I take about 2 tablespoons a day and have used the colloidal gel too. I had many MRSA break outs last summer, and since using colloidal silver, nothing. And it helped out with a finger infection also.”

– J.S.

Here’s another anecdotal account that’s quite interesting, from a gentleman whose friend’s son was quite literally dying from a stubborn MRSA infection:

“I learned that the son of a friend of ours has been infected with MRSA for years. His doctors have prescribed various antibiotics with no benefit.

I knew about the son’s conditions for quite some time. When I heard that his physicians told him that there was nothing they could do to help him I provided pages of information on colloidal silver to his folks. I suggested they read the material and let me know if I could help them.

The son said he knew about colloidal silver. He believed it would help him but said he could not afford it. He said he was dying from MRSA and could not help himself.

I’ve been using Colloidal Silver so I began providing a quart of the micro-silver to my friends whose son had the drug-resistant MRSA infected. He started ingesting 1 oz. 4 X daily and soaking an area on his leg that had been “eaten” by MRSA.

In all, I provided about 4 quarts to the folks . Yesterday I was told that following a visit to his infectious disease specialist, the son was told that there is no further evidence of MRSA.”

– B.P.

Here’s one about an individual who’s now been MRSA-free for over five years:

“I can attest to this working. My husband Jim had MRSA after a stay in the hospital, and he took colloidal silver internally and I also put it on his breakouts.

He hasn’t had a problem with it for 5 years. It is completely out of his system. Everyone in my immediately family uses it for everything!

– J.F.

And one more:

“MRSA ate my wife’s skin off to where you could see her Achilles tendon…Her leg constantly was dripping and all the nurses and doctors thought that she would have to have her lower leg amputated. The smell coming from the holes in her leg was bad.

Our last resort was to use colloidal silver even though there was risk that if the medical community found out she might lose her doctor. So I covered all the sores and open areas with gauze. Then I soaked them for 6-7 minutes dripping the colloidal silver on them to keep them soaked every minute. Afterwards, I rewrapped her leg and prayed.

I had to change her dressings twice a day during that time. The next morning I took the wraps and gauze off and it looked like another leg. I could barely believe my eyes. Shock was a good word for both of us as overnight the whole picture changed. I don’t think I was ever so full of joy as on that day and that sold us on colloidal silver. Thank God for colloidal silver!”

– J.R.


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