Almost everyone who’s into natural health knows colloidal silver is effective against many bacterial and fungal pathogens. 

While the clinical data on silver’s effectiveness against viruses is limited, there is indeed some very good news on the subject from cutting edge researchers who have discovered the fact that silver’s anti-viral qualities are more profound than previously thought. Colloidal Silver and Viruses – the Good News from Researchers!


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In fact, the authors point out that silver is likely going to be the answer to any future global viral pandemic, stating ‘A broad-spectrum anti-viral agent that really works is needed to combat over 200 viruses that cause Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Undoubtedly oligodynamic silver fits this bill…Emerging medical studies confirm the stellar, broad-spectrum virotoxic efficacy of oligodynamic silver both in vitro and in vivo.’”

In short, cutting edge researchers are becoming very excited about the anti-viral qualities of silver that are being discovered and documented, and are lauding it’s growing potential for use as a broad-spectrum anti-viral agent.

Antiviral Silver Franken-Drug

For example, I wrote several years ago about the British efforts to develop a silver-based “drug” to combat human rotovirus

“…British scientists working in tandem with international drug-makers Janssen and Johnson & Johnson have discovered a way to incorporate tiny silver nanoparticles into intestinal bacteria…creating a new drug that can wipe out food poisoning viruses such as the dreaded rotavirus, and perhaps even flu and cold viruses as well.”

In other words, to help stop the rotovirus – a very serious, disease-causing stomach virus — researchers have been experimenting with attaching silver to human intestinal bacteria, claiming this would help the silver circulate throughout the intestinal tract without causing harm to cells or tissues!

Of course, we all know the idea of silver causing harm to the body’s cells and tissues is largely fictional, as long as the silver is not used abusively. After all, Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., in his experiments at Syracuse Medical University, used low voltage electricity to generate silver ions directly into the cells and tissues of the body at the site of infected fracture wounds, and demonstrated “no harm” to cells or tissues whatsoever.

And more recent studies have demonstrated that silver nanoparticles, when judiciously used, not only prevent blood clots without harming red blood cells, but also protect nervous system cells from damage by alcohol.

More Surprising Antiviral Qualities

You’ll also find an interesting overview of the use of colloidal silver and other forms of antimicrobial silver against viruses on the Colloidal Silver Kills Viruses website, which explains some of the successful clinical test tube studies that have been conducted on various types of viruses, including HIV and Hepatitis B, among others.


Colloidal Nano Silver 7ppm

Additionally, you might find the following clinical study on using antimicrobial silver against viruses quite interesting:

Viral Pathogens and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Oligodynamic Ag1 for Direct Immune Intervention 

This is a retrospective study of silver-based therapeutics, which briefly reviews their history, and explores the modern application of silver particles as an antiviral agent. The study was published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (June 2003).

After reviewing the available research, the researchers concluded,

“State-of-the-art, electrolytically produced ‘oligodynamic’ Ag1…offers distinct advantages and versatility of use over older and cruder formulations. Possessing much smaller, subnanometer-sized particles, greater electrical potential and lower concentrations, it is more bio-available than other formulations.

Efficacy against the SARS-related coronavirus, for example, may be enhanced when nebulized Ag1 is inhaled. This should achieve swift reduction of viral loads, especially in the early stages.

Moreover, there is no known toxicity for Oligodynamic Ag1 in humans. The only known mechanism of resistance also appears to play no role notwithstanding the mutability of the coronavirus. Therefore no functional barrier to the virotoxic effects of oligodynamic Ag1 may be expected regardless of the rapidity or variety of mutations.”

In other words, after reviewing the existing clinical literature the researchers concluded that when colloidal silver is composed of very small particles of electrically-generated silver its anti-viral qualities are more pronounced. And it’s effectiveness against serious, disease-causing upper respiratory viruses such as the coronaviruses is also greater.


What’s more, for “swift reduction of viral loads” silver’s effectiveness against upper respiratory viruses can be enhanced by inhaling it into the lungs in aerosolized form, using a medical nebulizer. (Learn more about nebulizing colloidal silver, here.)

Finally, the researchers noted that silver is essentially non-toxic. And even when viruses have the ability to mutate rapidly, they’re still no match for silver’s unique, multi-pronged anti-viral mechanisms of action.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that silver is gradually being recognized by cutting edge medical researchers for its profound antiviral qualities. No longer is it considered to be just an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agent. Its anti-viral qualities are generating attention even among some of the biggest names in drug research and manufacturing.


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