Cherry tomato helps pregnant women cut off the pregnancy skin

Fresh, round or long cherry tomatoes are red in color, especially sweet than regular tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are also very easy to grow and very fruitful. In addition to sweet, cherry tomatoes are very crunchy and fresh. This tomato is also used for juicing, drying, decorating food,…

1. Helps to cool the intestines

Pregnant hormones reproduce continuously in the body to make pregnant mother always feel hot. The “hot from the body” status makes the mother stomach crave for cool dishes. Cherry tomatoes is a good way to cool down the mother’s gourd, help the mother body is balanced, cool and constrain the condition of constipation – pregnancy placenta.

Soft-dried Cherry Tomato

2. Helps to reduce stretch of the skin

Tomatoes have the effect of filtering blood to help support the improvement of blood circulation during pregnancy. This is the kind of fruit that works well. Vitamin C in tomatoes reduces the formation of skin pigmentation. Eating tomatoes helps prevent skin aging, stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Helps develop vision and bone in the fetus

Vitamin A in cherry tomatoes helps to visualize the fetus. The abundant amount of calcium and vitamin K in tomatoes helps shape and strengthen the bones. Cherry tomatoes also contain large amounts of minerals essential for the mother and baby. Like calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, iodine, copper and organic acids.

Cherry tomatoes do not contain substances that are not good for the body like cholesterol and fat. So when you eat cherry tomatoes daily will not only good for the mother body but also good for the development of eyes and bones in the fetus.

4. Helps increase resistance

Tomatoes are considered a natural antiseptic, which can protect pregnant women from the risk of infection. In tomatoes, in addition to lycopene, it also contains vitamins A and C. These two types of vitamins help to increase the resistance of mother and baby. Help pregnant women avoid influenza because of the weather.

5. Prevent cancer

High levels of lycopene are not only good for the skin and hair of pregnant women, but also for reducing the risk of cancer of the stomach and rectum. Tomatoes also reduce testosterone levels, avoid hormone-related cancers.

Note when eating tomatoes:

  • In cherry tomatoes contain acid. It can cause bad digestive system such as indigestion, bloating, heartburn. Therefore, with pregnant women who are experiencing this problem should not eat.
  • Should be moderate, do not eat too much cherry tomato will make the skin pigmentation of the mother change.

Kentary chewy freeze-dried cherry tomato

Soft-dried Cherry Tomato

To ensure quality, Kentary look to Lam Dong, where the climate is cold, temperatures from 21 ° C – 22 ° C. Should be suitable for excellent quality cherry tomatoes. After careful selection, cherry tomatoes were planted in clean, non-pesticide-free gardens that were taken to Kentary’s plant. The product is dried at low temperature so that nutrients are not lost. This is one of the most convenient snack foods, easy to eat for pregnant mothers, especially during pregnan


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