15.01.2020 09:16

Turmeric starch and rose toner mask


• 1 spoon of turmeric starch

• 1.5 tablespoons of rose toner (can be made or bought by yourself)

• 1/2 spoon of yogurt

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You can buy rose toner at cosmetics counters or you can do it yourself – illustration

About homemade rose toner, Kentary will teach you how to make rose toner in our next article.


• Mix the ingredients evenly in a cup

• Clean your face with cleansed milk

• Apply turmeric powder and rose water for 15-20 minutes

• Rinse thoroughly with cold water

• Apply turmeric mask twice a week not only helps you to significantly improve the greasy condition but also gives you a smooth, rudy and bright skin.

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Your skin will be greatly improved thanks to this mask – collected image

Dosage of turmeric powder for children

Turmeric is not only good for adults, but is also good for children health. However, for children to use turmeric, here are some notice:

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Turmeric is good for both adults and children - Kentary’s image

• The dose of turmeric powder for children is 1/4 - 1/3 of a teaspoon for one use

• Children with gallbladder disease absolutely should not use it

• Tumeric starch can make blood congeal easily so if your child is planning to have surgery, it should not be used

• It is recommended to use a small amount to see how the baby reacts to turmeric and then continue to use it

• Children are very sensitive to the ingredients of herbs, easy to get allergies, so only use it if it’s a must. If it’s not neccessary then you should minimize the use of herbs as well as turmeric!

Wish you have a healthy skin as you wish!

Synthesized by Bui Trang Kentary.