Be careful when applying turmeric powder mask

03.04.2020 12:57


To achieve high performance in beauty, you should clearly distinguish turmeric powder and turmeric starch for proper use. Because they are two completely different materials, if used incorrectly will cause adverse effects.


Most people think turmeric powder and turmeric starch are one, but they are completely different.


Fresh turmeric was dried and then pureed to become turmeric powder. Fresh turmeric has to go through the process of drying, sterilizing, filtering impurities and puree, then we obtain turmeric starch. 


Therefore, the sensitive skin using the turmeric starch is better because they were removed quite a lot of impurities, resins and pungent odors. For dry and dehydrated skin, turmeric powder should be used, as they were not removed the oil that is highly effective in moisturizing skin.


Distinguish turmeric powder and starch



Using turmeric starch to make masks will be better because they have been removed from impurities - Photo: Internet


  • Turmeric starch

Starch is light yellow, with a slight odor and a bitter taste. This material is very smooth, dry, not lumpy. When diluted with water, turmeric starch will not dissolve immediately but float on the water. Especially, when put in hot water over 60 degrees, turmeric starch will be lumpy like cassava flour.


Turmeric starch when applied to the skin will not cause burning, discomfort - Photo: Kentary


Applying turmeric starch to the skin will not cause burning sensation. When washed, the skin is very clean and free from yellowing.


  • Normal turmeric powder

Turmeric powder will have a characteristic yellow color of turmeric, pungent odor, a bitter taste. In particular, when tasting turmeric powder, will eventually leave fiber. Dissolve turmeric powder with water to see the residue and resin of turmeric boat on the water.



Turmeric powder will have a characteristic yellow color of turmeric, pungent odor


Mask from turmeric powder, your skin will be very yellow because curcumin (turmeric) is still pretty much. Turmeric powder will irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, limit the use of turmeric powder to be a mask for face.


Normally, turmeric starch or turmeric powder diluted with water will form a distinctive yellow color, while if mixed with other powders will be glossy yellow.

Therefore, to distinguish turmeric powder, turmeric starch, real or fake, you just let them dilute with a little water and look at the color to test. In addition, turmeric powder, turmeric starch mixed with other powders has very pungent smell, not natural.