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    1. Planting pots:
  • Tomatoes are plants thrive, with many branches, so you should choose the foam box to grow. Below the barrel is perforated for water drainage


Grow tomatoes in foam box – Collected image

    1. Choose seeds:
  • To be able to plant cherry tomatoes, you should choose F1 seed (pure breed). Cherry tomato seedlings will be seeded 1 month prior to planting.
  •  Note when buying cherry tomatoes: you should choose to buy tomato seed from prestigious seed stores
    1. Land:
  • Tomatoes can be grown on many different types of soil, but you should buy organic soil that is just right and clean enough for the tomatoes to grow well. Tomatoes require nutrient-rich soils, and you add the husk, the composted soil to the soil will be very good.
  • If you can not make organic compost, you can buy the fertilizer you sell at the farmer's store.


You should choose soil rich in organic substances, rich in nutrients – Collected image

    1. Light for development tree:
  • Tomatoes are plants which like light. There for, the good planting location is a lot of sunshine, at least 6 to 7 hours/ day should be plabted on the terrace or balcony with the net cover if there is sunny harshly. In a period of ripe fruit if it get more sunlight, will be more delicious.
  • The planting tree tools, normal vase .. Proper time for produce of tomatoes: 3 seasons common tomato crops of the year:

* Early season (July to August, harvest between October and December).

* Main season (between September and October, harvest from February to March).

* Late season (November to December, harvest from March to April).


Step 1: Tomato seeding raising method from seed

Sow the tomato seeds into potting soil, Everyday, watering to sufficient soil moisture and wait when the seeds sprout, grow leaves. Should get pots where enought light, save it avoid the mouses and birds, average period of germination from 7 to 14 days.

 Planting the seedlings 1 month old on the foam box: When tree has height from 10-25cm, you have plant to the box. You note making the soil porous, you can plant 2-3 trees in 1 foam barrel

Step 2: Watering:

In the first 7 - 10 days after planting, water regularly 500ml of warm water 25 - 30oC per tree.

 After 1 - 2 weeks, cover a dry layer of hay (or dry grass, dry pine) around the plant to control weeds and moisturize the soil in dry weather. The thickness of the mantle is about 2 - 3 cm, about 30 cm in diameter. Pine needles are special in helping to increase the acidity of the soil.

When plants are at the stage of flowering the fruit needs the most water, so it is necessary to increase the supply of water to plants.

At the stage of fruiting, if it is raining many tomatoes will ripen slowly and have the phenomenon of fruit cracking.

Note: When tomato plants are 1,5 to 2 months old, you need to pave or pile to support the tree. You can use bamboo poles, wood, water pipes or iron to help keep the tomato tree from collapsing or breaking up when you have more fruit.


You should make truss for tomatoes climbing to avoid breaking, pour – Collected image

Step 3: Fertilizer

 Tomatoes need a lot of nutrients to support the body, raising leaves and fruits so when plants start to flower and fruit you need to fertilize organic fertilizer.
Especially when in the stage of blooming fruits, it is necessary to apply dynamic fertilizers when fruits are planted for 2 weeks.

 Step 4: Time for harvesting

Tomatoes that can be harvested are red ripe fruits containing vitamin C and the highest amount of sugar


You should harvest the tomatoes when the tomatoes ripen – Collected image

Above is the whole process and notes to help you grow tomatoes in t he foam box at home. Get the fresh, safe tomatoes at home without spending anything better than not? Let's start planting tomatoes right you!