How to make sweet gruel: ginkgo & tapioca

15.01.2020 09:16

Ginkgo & cassava combination will become "god medicine" that can help you cool down your body, remove toxins in Cardiovascular system well.

In this article, we will learn how to make sweet gruel "ginkgo & cassava" that super delicious & full of nutritions"

I. Ingredients:

200 gram cassava flour

200 gram ginkgo

150 gram sugar candy

50 gram white sesame

Some licorice slices

1 little salt

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In Oriental medicine, cassava is a precious medicine that can cure a lot of diseases, in food, cassava flour is used to make sweet grule or cakes - Minh Truong's image

II. Introduction:

Mix 5 spoons of cassava flour with some water until soft then stay it in 5 minutes.

Isolate ginkgo peel, remove soft skin inside, use toothpick to take bitter pistil then boil them.

Knead the dough then put 1 ginkgo in 1 round. Continuous until out of ginkgo & flour.

Boil water in a pot where includes licorice, salt, sugar candy then add ginkgo & flour above, boil in 5 minutes. Pour them to small cup, Sprinkle some white sesame on top.

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What a delicous ginkgo & cassava gruel - illustrating image

Use them in hot. This kind of grule is very cool for your body but we have to knead cassava flour meticulously to get a delicious gruel.


We should boil dough round to remove bad rounds. If the dough is pappy, let them in microware in High mode for 2 minutes then knead them more easily.