15.01.2020 09:16

This kind of gruel is not only delicous but also very helpful.

Let's learn how to make it to relax yourself after a busy working week.

You shoul stir tapioca flour until melting, the flour will not be clotted.

I. Ingredients:

100 gram cassava flour

50 gram red apple

8 quail eggs

100 gram water chestnut

300 gram sugar

1l water


cassava flour, one of the most necessary food in the kitchen

II. Introduction

Boil quail eggs, remove the eggshell, cut it in a good shape.

Boil water, add red apples, chestnut into the pot until ripe, then add the eggs. Boil them for a while then pour sugar to stir them well. Finally, add cassava flour to the above pot to make the gruel thicker.

You should enjoy this kind of gruel when it is hot.

This is a gruel for your summer, you can process other meals from this gruel - illustrating image

Wow, what a delicious meal for your family. Let cook and enjoy it now!