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I. Keeping your hands clean is the best way to keep your acne skin clean.

1. Always use hand sanitizer for cleaning, cosmetic and hand hygiene before use.

2. Absolutely do not touch your face when not washing your hands clean, limited to touching your face.

3. Always wash your hands before washing your face, shampoo, shower ...

3. Ussing 72 degrees alcohol to clean the keyboard and the phone 2 days 1 time because they are things which you touch objects most of the day and also touch your face skin.

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Clean hands to prevent disease - collected image

II. Keep the items directly touching your face

  1. Regularly wash the pillow and bed sheets. It's a good idea to have a washcloth, pillow every night before going to sleep, and put it in the washing machine the next morning.

  2. Always use a medical mask when out. If you want better shielding, you can use cloth masks after medical masks, so change masks every day.

  3. Wash and dry face towels, towels in the sun every day. It is best to buy a set of towels and use one day, use dry cleaning drying successively.

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It is best to buy a set of towels and use one towels a day, then use dry cleaning consecutive drying - collected image

III. Keep cosmetic hygiene, apply makeup to protect skin from acne

  1. Regularly wash your make-up brush and dry chalk in the sun. If you do not have enough money for washing-up liquids, you can also use baby shampoo. This is one of the most popular sources of bacteria so remember to carefully clean the skin to avoid acne.

  2. Do not share cosmetics with others. When you use the palm, especially mascara with others, there is a great deal of potential risk of eye disease. Besides, share equipment makeup will increase the risk of acne for you, sharing lip will spread risk herps lips ... Make pocketed instruments makeup when you go to store test, and do not forget the tissue or any part of the product before touching your skin.

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The process of washing makeup tools properly - collected image

IV. Proper acne face cleansing:

1. Wash the right way to protect the face.

2. Make sure all tools touch your face as cleanly as possible.

3. Masks from nature are always clean.

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Wash your face properly to protect your face effectively -collected image

On top of the four most relevant aspects of how to clean acne facial skin, you should be as clean as possible so that acne is no longer the way to go back, unless it is a hormonal acne, if it is acne vulgaris. You can fly it with cassava flour in the following article