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You already know that your liver is one of the most important organs in your body.. It has a wide variety of functions and plays a vital role in just about every physiological process. Our health is directly related to the health of our liver.

The liver becomes so damaged that it cannot repair itself, especially if we continue our habits that are destroying our liver to being with!

Liver disease usually has two causes: Heredity and diet. When the liver is damaged, it no longer functions properly, so it can cause significant health effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, nausea and anorexia. . If you don’t apply treatment effectively, these symptoms can cause mental disorders, abdominal distension ...

Take a look at the top habits that are slowly killing your liver and ways you can correct this problem.

1. Smoking

There are numerous side-effects of smoking and liver damage is one of them. The effect of cigarette smoke impacts the organ indirectly. The toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke gradually reach the liver and cause oxidative stress, producing free radicals that damage liver cells.


Harmful smoke cause negative effects for your liver

2. Alcohol

This is the one everyone is the most familiar with and perhaps the one that causes the most damage. Excessive alcohol consumption lowers your liver’s ability to remove toxins because your liver has to stop most other functions and focus on changing the alcohol to a less toxic compound. This often results in inflammation, fatty liver disease, and, over time, actually damages the liver cells themselves. Continued damage to the liver cells eventually becomes permanent and causes cirrhosis of the liver, which can lead to liver failure.

In case you have to drink alcohol,  you can use alcoholic detoxification and foods such as cassava flour, honey, lemon.

Sức mạnh của sắn dây trong y học

Cassava flour help treat alcohol poisoning without side effects

3. Diabetes

Having diabetes increases the risk of liver disease by 50%. Due to insulin resistance, people with diabetes have a high level of insulin in their blood. This makes visceral fat accumulate in your liver, causing fatty liver disease.

4. Too Much Vitamin A From Supplements

Your body needs vitamin A, and it’s fine to get it from plants such as fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that are red, orange, and yellow. But if you take supplements that have high doses of vitamin A, that can be a problem for your liver. Check with your doctor before you take any extra vitamin A because you probably don’t need it.

Therefore, it’s advised to consume foood with suitable serving in order to protect your health

Nguyên nhân làm giảm chức năng gan

Nutrition pyramid help you choose foods easier for your daily meal

5. Chemotherapy

People who experience chemotherapy for cancer have a higher risk of liver damage than others, due to associated side effects of drugs during chemotherapy.

6. Tuberculosis

Clinically, tuberculosis can affect your liver because TB bacteria infiltrate the liver. In an attempt to fight infection, the liver responds to bacteria inside and can lead to tumor formation. This condition is called tuberculosis.

7. Infection

Parasites and viruses can infect the liver, causing inflammation that reduces liver function. The viruses that cause liver damage can be spread through blood or semen, contaminated food or water, or close contact with a person who is infected.

Useful tips to keep your liver healthy:

- Watch your body weight: Together with a balanced diet and regular exercise, a healthy weight can be achieved and maintained.

- When you exercise consistently, it helps to burn triglycerides for fuel and can also reduce liver fat.

-  Use soap and warm water immediately after using the bathroom, when you have changed a diaper, and before preparing or eating food.


Talk to your doctor before taking your medicines

- Watch out for certain medicines. Some medicines can hurt your liver if you drink alcohol when you take them. And some are harmful when combined with other drugs. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the safest way to take your medicines.

- Have a balanced and healthy diet: Less fatty foods and more fibre. Eat more high-fibre foods such as fruits and vegetables and whole grainst.

- Drink a lot of water, avoid soda or caffeine drinkings. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. Theses tips help your liver stay healthy.

Liver has an important function to drtox your body. You can help boost liver detoxification by eating detox foods such as green beans, honey, lemon, cassava flour.