How differ turmeric starch from turmeric powder?

15.01.2020 09:16

Nowadays turmeric starch has become more popular with most people due to its functions and benefits. But it is quite difficult to distinguish between turmeric starch and common turmeric powder or pure turmeric starch and mixed turmeric starch. However for turmeric starch producers, it is quite easy for them to recognize turmeric starch or normal turmeric powder.

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The difference between turmeric starch and turmeric powder

1. Turmeric powder


It is made from yellow turmeric, dried out then grinded to get turmeric powder and use. It often uses for cooking to get nice yellow color foods. Turmeric powder has dark yellow and its characteristic odor and unpleasant. When you mix with water, turmeric powder will have turmeric impurities and its fibers floating on.

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Turmeric powder has dark yellow and its characteristic odor


2. Turmeric starch


It is made from fresh turmeric, pureed, mixed up with water and purified multiple times to take away impurities to have water and starch, wait for this starch being precipitated and rough-dry to get turmeric starch (it has clotted form like clotted cassava and then it has been grinded to be a silky smooth turmeric starch product that we use now).


Turmeric starch is more silky soft and smooth than turmeric. It has bright yellow, slightly bitter taste and almost odorless. If you put yellow turmeric starch in the mouth, it will melt away without leaving dregs. When you mix with water, turmeric will dissolve slowly (it can be clotted but will dissolve in water easily). Turmeric starch can be used as beauty product or treatment.


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Turmeric starch has bright yellow and almost odorless




The turmeric starch, known as a quality organic product, made from turmeric and consists of the main “active ingredient” circumin, one of the most beneficial substances to our health. Kentary Turmeric starch is a product of V.Kaus company that was made from Quang Tri Province. Ensure its ingredients is 100% turmeric starch.

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Pure natural turmeric starch – Kentary pic

If you want to try turmeric starch, Kentary is the best choice for you. Kentary guarantees that:

  ❌No preservatives

  ❌No aroma compound

  ❌No genetically modified (Non GMO)


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