Cassava starch helps reduce fever effectively

04.04.2020 13:30

Few people know the unexpected uses of the precious medicine. In addition to the effect of heat, detoxification, antipyretic, anti-aging ... cassava starch helps reduce fever safely and effectively.

Studies of Oriental and Western Medicine on cassava

Cassava is used entirely by Oriental medicine to make medicine from flowers, leaves, and roots. However, the root is the convergence of all the energy of the plant, so cassava roots are considered the most valuable.

Oriental medicine uses cassava as a medicinal flavor with the name Cat Can, has a sweet, cool taste that dominates the spleen and taste, has the effect of cooling, treating fever, headache, dysentery. Cassava called Cat Phan treatment of bloating, vomiting, heat stroke, refreshment, food poisoning, hot blood stools in the body, treatment of alcohol poisoning, lowering blood pressure ...

Chinese Oriental Medicine documents also have special hopes that cassava can cure many dangerous diseases such as heart failure, cancer ...

In Oriental Medicine, tapioca is an important medicine to cure many diseases-shaped Kentary

Tapioca helps reduce fever safely and effectively

Exercise 1: Treatment of heat stroke, fever, headache, thirst, sweating, fever, gagging:

12g tapioca powder orally

use 20g tapioca, 12g yellow star bean crushed, sharpen for drinking water during the day.

Exercise 2: Cold fever, vomiting, thirst, headache:

Cassava, mango, chi, each 15-20 g, drinking water during the day.

Exercise 3: Treatment of colds, fever

Kudzu: 8g,

Ma Huang: 5g

Cinnamon 4g

Big apple: 5g

Dahlia: 4g

Born: 5g

Licorice: 4g

For all of the above ingredients, add 600ml of water, 200ml color also, divide 3 times a day.

(It is recommended to use a clay potion)

Every day you should drink a glass of tapioca flour is not only good for your health but also good for your skin.

Wish you all have good health!

Synthesized by Bui Trang Kentary