15.01.2020 09:16

The back acne is annoying and makes you lose confidence when wearing a swimsuit, deep robe to show off the bee's back, 2-piece shirt to show off the slender sexy shoulders.

Today Kentary will show you a secret to treating back acne from the experience of Japanese women with safe ingredients from natural, non-irritating to the skin and safety.

I. Raw materials:

- 500g sea salt

- 10 lemons

- 200g honey (no need to be too good, honey can be purchased is fine)

- 1 plastic jar or chinaware, or glass.

Sea salt helps clean the body - collected image


II. Making:

- Lemon cut thin slices and then put in a jar. Take a layer of lemon alternating 1 layer of salt until the lemon is gone.

Then you can put honey in the lemon and salt to get it.

You bring it to the corner of the room or cool place in the house and soak it for about 7-10 days.

Lemon has a lot of uses in beauty - collected image


III. How to use:

- Mix well the lemon salt jar, when bathing You take a little rub on the skin with back acne, so gently massage to avoid scratching skin.

Lime salt also works to dissolve excess fat so you can use it to massage the areas to reduce the skin will be smooth and reduce a little (not much). In addition, lemon salt also helps your skin get rid of acne, not only the acne areas on the back but also in the face, neck, limbs ...

The bee's back is smooth and gives you confidence when wearing a backless shirt - collected image

Soon you will have smooth skin and all the annoying back acne spots disappear.

You can fully dress the sexy shirt with bare back

Good luck.

Source: Collection from Ms. Aki's share