15.01.2020 09:16

Making fish mint  lotion is one of the beauty secrets of Japanese women. Previous articles Kentary shared to You how to make gac oil, aloe vera lotion, green tea powder ... today Kentary continues to reveal a skincare secret of the nature-loving beauties Kentary has collected .

This Lotion has been used by many people and has satisfactory results, Kentary hopes you are also happy to use.

We all started working together.

I. Fish mint lotion ingredients:

Fish mint : 1kg

The pure 35-degree rice wine is just enough (about 1 liter).

Fish mint is detoxifying - collected image

II. How to make fish mint lotion:

Fish mint pick up deep leaves, yellow leaves, branches, and wash. If you are afraid of vegetables with deep pesticides, you can immerse them in salt water and rinse them with warm water about 40-50 degrees will remove 90% of pesticides.

Then you let it dry, so dry and then put it in the glass jar, pour the wine into it, the wine invaded the fish mint.

You can soak this vegetable for about 2 months in the sun.

Fish mint lotion gives you a smooth skin - illustrating image

III. Use fish mint lotion

Use as lotion, toner. You can add lotion to the mineral spray bottle, take a shower and spray it on your face to pat the lotion soak into your skin, wait a little to dry and continue to do it again. Can be used daily.

Lotion fish mint is sun dried and usable

VI. The use of fish mint lotion:

In fish mint plants have antibiotic properties, help heat, detoxify, drain pus (for pimples and pus), antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Using fish mint toner helps improve resistance, cool the skin and regulate excess oil on the skin.

It is used to fight inflammation, red hair, mosquito bites, or insect bites

You can also drink this wine because fish mint drink cool liver, detox ...

How to do it is simple but bring unexpected effect You, this lotion is especially suitable for you with acne, acne covered offline!

We hope this experience can help you.

Source: Collected from recipes from Aki.