15.01.2020 09:16

The beauty of the world in each region has a very effective beauty method, whereby they have unmistakable characteristics with other regions.

Today Kentary invites You to take a walk around the world to learn about the beauty secrets of women everywhere, the secrets that keep them beautiful!

1. Beautiful Australian hair

Australians have a lot of beauty methods, especially indigenous people. For example, their treatment of dandruff always works for years. All you need if you want to try this method is to add and either cactus oil or green tea essential oil to your shampoo - one drop is fine. And so you don't need to worry about dandruff in your hair anymore.

Is it simple and effective?


2. The eyes of the Spanish

Have you ever used cucumbers to remove dark circles from your eyes? Do you know the girls of Spain have a much better measure? They use very thin slices of potatoes. For about 10 minutes on the eyes, they removed the dark circles around their eyes so easily. Potato slices really brighten the skin, causing dark circles to dim.

3. Perfect body of Brazilian people

The older you get, the more fat and ugly layers of fat, such as orange peels, are obnoxious, do you know what Brazilian beauties did to remove cellulite? The secret is that sand. If you see women in this country rubbing sand on your body then you are witnessing they are treating the cellutlite haggling. Sand will remove cellulite and stimulate regenerative skin. Let's go to sea and use available materials!

4. The spirit of the Zimbabwe Republic

You always find Zimbabweans have a great spirit, they are always full of energy. Increasing energy and boosting metabolism may not seem like beauty treatments, but they are really a beauty method.

In Zimbabwe, women often drink hot tea cups with lemon. These cups of tea cleanse the body, helping to speed up the metabolism on new steps, and provide a lot of energy. You try it!

5. Beautiful Indian hair

You always catch Indian women with shiny, thick, silky hair to death. How do they do that? Coconut oil is one of their beauty tips. It can even make your hair stronger if it starts to thin. By heating coconut oil and massaging coconut oil on your scalp once a week, you will have thick, sleek hair. Go to sleep and then wash your hair the next morning. You will notice healthy hair immediately!

6. Sexy Italian style lips

This is one of the beauty techniques proving that you don't have to spend a lot of money on your beauty regime. In Italy, women use an ingredient available to smooth and moisten their lips. They rub their lips with olive oil.

7. Scandinavian skin

As mentioned, Scandinavian women have great skin. The way they get this skin is really different. They not only drink lots of spring mineral water but also soak their face in it. Not only does it help your skin smooth and healthy, this method also eliminates the swelling of the skin. It is important that the water soaked in the face must be as cold as ice and the water will be tapped about 20 times.

Beauty tips for skin

8. Beauty is not the age of Chinese women

Chinese women do not need to rely on Botox, collagen and the like. Instead, they drank white tea. Their skin will be protected from free radicals.

You've already gone from Europe, America to Asia, Kentary's back will lead You to discover the secrets of women in other countries. Choose a handy beauty method and remember to persevere with them! Beauty is a journey, be patient to get better every day