The secret to detoxifying body with cassava flour

15.01.2020 09:16

Pure and aromatic cassava flour, used by our grandparents as a drink for heat dissipation in hot summers. Cassava flour has many uses for health and beauty. Today we will learn the secret to detoxifying body with cassava flour.

What does Kentary cassava flour help you?

Cassava contains a number of healthy constituents: isoflavon, which contains daidzein, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, an anti-cancer drug daidzin and genistein, an active ingredient that can fight leukemia.

According to Science & Vie, cassava is the only plant that has puéritin that can treat headaches, migraines. In Chinese medicine, cassava is used to treat stiffness, tinnitus.

Pure and aromatic cassava flour, used by our grandparents as a drink for heat dissipation in hot summers, detoxifying after drinking alcohol or taking cocaine and does not cause any side effects like headache, dizziness...

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How to use cassava flour to detoxify the body

To eliminate the toxins accumulate in the body, the macrobiotist use of cassava flour to mix with tamari sauce (a kind of long-standing soy sauce, often sold in macrobiotic store). After cooked cassava flour, they put in a bowl of hot tapioca flour 1 tablespoon tamari sauce. Patients eat hot in the air without wind and then cover blanket on over hold body for excreting sweat.

Patients performed 10 consecutive days. This is a simple way to detoxify the infected from the bone marrow out through perspiration. If the patient has a cold, runny nose or drunk ... the way to eat as well is very effective.

Cover blanket for excreting sweat  after eating cassava flour will help the body to eliminate all the toxins accumulated long time out.

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The secret to solving alcohol

Drink 1 cup of coconut cassava or lemon cassava without sugar. In cassava powder has alcohol soluble and alcohol detox, which is very effective, leaving no side effects.


Fresh coconut, or any kind of coconut you like: 01 fruit

Kentary cassava flour: 15g (about 3 tablespoons)

1 cup

How to do:

Pour coconut juice into the glass

Add 15g cassava flour to stir

So you have a glass of coconut cassava delicious.


Wish you always have a healthy life.