15.01.2020 09:16

Skin care from aloe vera is the secret of older women in Japan, they often have very smooth skin regardless of their age. To get this skin, they all have their own keeping secrets.

Kentary learned from them a safe and convenient skin care method, easy to make, easy to use and effective, which is making lotion from aloe vera and white wine.

I. Aloe vera lotion ingredients:

- 0.5kg medium-sized aloe vera leaves (both better than large ones)

- 2 liters of white wine 35 degrees

- Glass jar.

Aloe leaf - Kentary's image

II. How to make aloe vera lotion:

Aloe vera leaves to wash, remove 2 sides of 2 sides of the leaf, retain the shell, cut the aloe leaf into 2cm pieces.

Put in the jar and pour white wine in the face of the aloe leaf, cover it tightly. You should buy alcohol in a prestigious place to avoid fake alcohol, alcohol will be harmful to your skin.

Bring aloe vera out in the sun for about 5 days then bring it to a cool place. After 45 days, the aloe vera turned yellow and could be used.

Aloe vera has been boxed - Kentary's image

III. Using:

Take a clean scoop and scoop out some aloe vera juice into a small spray bottle to use. You can spray it on your face or rub it all over your face and body like a lotion after bathing and leave it as it is, not bathing again. After spending some time, your skin will gradually become as beautiful as the baby's skin and the spots will gradually disappear.

If you don't like to apply it, you can use it to drink and help you lose weight and beautiful skin.

Aloe vera after sun exposure has turned yellow and can be used - Kentary's image

How to do the same as above but add 500g of alum sugar for easy drinking.

It is okay to go to sleep about 30ml every night.

This skincare secret has helped so many Vietnamese women have the same skin, Kentary hopes that it will also help you.

Wish you always have a healthy and beautiful skin.

(The article is sourced from Ms. Aki)