White skin with cassava flour and turmeric starch

15.01.2020 09:16

No need to go to whitening treatment, you still have white skin with just the secret from  mask of cassava flour and turmeric starch, safe and economical.

Cassava flour and turmeric starch mask


4 teaspoons of cassava flour

2 teaspoons of honey

½ teaspoons of turmeric starch

Spoon and bowl

How to do:

  • Put honey and cassava flour into bowl, stir evenly until the mixture is well combined
  • Add turmeric starch, stir to get great mixture


  • Wash your face then apply the mixture
  • Massage in 15 minutes then wash your face with warm water

Recognize Viet Nam cassava

  • Cassavas are usually small, only same size with biceps come-down, long and thin
  • Planting time is twice as high as China cassava
  • Only grow and creat tubers in barren areas (such as Quang Tri). If the land is so good, cassava will not grow well.
  • The powder has a very gentle aroma.
  • The color of flour is milk white, not perfertly white.
  • Powder output is only half that of China cassava
  • High content


Recognize China cassava

  • Large, round cassava roots
  • The period from planting to harvesting is only 6 months
  • Planted in most parts of Vietnam.
  • The aroma of powder has a strong smell, very strong, sometimes with sour smell.
  • Powder always has a pure white color, perfect white
  • The output of flour is twice as high as that of cassava in Vietnam.