Benefits of Pomelo and its peel

The health benefits of pomelos are many and nearly unmatched by any other fruit. Pomelos are packed with the benefits derived from various nutrients and vitamins. Read on in order to learn more about the many benefits of pomelo.

Prevent cold and flu

Copious amounts of vitamin C helps prevent or fight the common cold. There are some indicators that vitamin C may also protect against cancers of the mouth and stomach.

Promote skin health

Pomelo contains high amount of Vitamin A and C, minerals and anti-oxidants that benefit the skin through the pomelo consumption or a homemade mask. The vitamin C and the antioxidant effects protect the skin from environmental hazards. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings smoothness and elasticity to the skin. The retinol antioxidant gives your skin softness and, renews damaged skin and treats skin pigmentation.

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Aid in weight loss

Pomelo that burns fat is not a simple rumor or fad. Simply enjoy a glass of pomelo juice or half of a pomelo before each meal to reap the benefits. Those who participated in the experiment lost up to four pounds in twelve weeks.

Cardiovascular Health

Due to the antioxidant and the high potassium content, consuming pomelo helps to support vascular dilation, modulates blood sugar levels, supports weight loss, and lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which all works towards protecting your heart health. In additions, fiber in pomelo enhances cardiovascular health. Because fiber also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Kidney Stone Prevention

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that women who drank one-half to one liter of pomelo, orange or apple juice each day saw their urinary pH value and citric acid excretion increase, which significantly lowered their risk of forming kidney stones. The greatest benefit can be reaped through drinking up to a liter of pomelo juice daily.

Assists in Protecting Against Prostate Cancer

Rich in antioxidants that attack carcinogens that lurk in the prostrate is another benefit of consuming pomelo. Research appears to indicate that the fruit even repairs damaged cells at the DNA level. Prostate cancer is the most common in men, the second leading cause of death after lung cancer.

Benefits of pomelo peel

Pomelo peel also have many benefits for our health. In this article, Kentary will introduce you some of amazing benefits of pomelos peel for your health and beauty.

According to traditional medicine, the pomelo rind is bitter, spicy, aromatic, calculate the average, excluding chemical, phlegm, stock analysis. It is also known as effective treatments for many diseases such as fatty liver, fever, dyspepsia and abdominal pain.

Freeze-dried grape fruit’s peel – healthy snack for pregnant women

  • Have a sour taste than freeze-dried pomelo peels with honey, but not too sour. It smells good, lightly and quite spicy.
  • Eating pomelo peels not only helps treat nausea but also prevent cold, flu and sore throat.
  • Pomelo peel contains essential oils that are used as a treatment for indigestion. In addition, it also supports for digestive system and treats morning sickness effectively.

Kentary freeze-dried pomelo peel is an organic food that is made from midlands in Vietnam and applied free-dried technology to remain healthy nutrients in our products.

Warming: For those with diarrhea or bad digestive system, don’t eat pomelos.

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