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Cassava flour  is very good for pregnant women.

The most common symptom is constipation due to pregnancy. The underlying cause of pregnancy, hormone levels change, leading to decreased bowel peristalsis. In addition, during pregnancy, women often have to take iron supplements that are difficult to digest along with the development of fetus that squeeze the internal organs to increase constipation at the end of pregnancy. Doctors often advise young mothers to add a variety of cool foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, cassava flour.

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Drinking cassava flour will help pregnant women reduce constipation

According to Oriental Medicine, during pregnancy, the woman's body must focus on getting pregnant. At the same time, blood clots are easily lost and lead to imbalances, which Oriental medicine calls "positive yang". Therefore, eating hot foods such as chili, pepper, cloves, onions, garlic, ginger, etc. should be avoided, unless the yin-yang is unbalanced, resulting in fetal abnormalities, hypopneas, hypothyroidism, fetal toxicity. In addition, should reduce the food too fat, too sweet - indigestible...

Pregnant women should drink cassava flour, that is very good for the body especially when going back in the sun. In addition, cassava powder is also used to treat constipation will help the young mother more comfortable.

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Pregnant women should drink cassava flour when going back in the sun

How to use cassava flour properly for pregnant women?

When pregnant women drink cassava flour, as well as other cool drinks during pregnancy, pregnant women should also note:

  • Pregnant women if have signs of fatigue, limbs, cold, do not drink cassava, because this drink is soldered, when entering the body of the woman with symptoms will cause resonance, seriously affecting the lives of both mother and baby.
  • In addition, the case of women with pre-eclampsia was not taken in any form of cassava flour.
  • Do not think that the cassava powder is cool, good for health that pregnant women abuse too much, only 1 cup a day.
  • You should not drink raw cassava juice that you should boil. You should only give a little sugar, should not give too much sugar because drinking sugar is not good for pregnancy.
  • Do not use cassava flour that has turned dark.

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Despites of its benefits, pregnant women should not drink to much