6 Benefits of Eating Strawberries During Pregnancy

15.01.2020 09:16

Pregnant women should eat more strawberries because of its benefits for your health and your fetus.

Improve blood circulation and increase amniotic fluid level

Strawberries are rich in folic acid, which helps to improve blood circulation. From that, you and your fetus always stay healthy. While pregnant women will be less headaches and feel comfortable, her fetus is more healthy. Because strawberries contain a lot of water, it can increase amniotic fluid and cleanse it for your fetus’s development.

Prevent birth defects

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Eating strawberries help pregnant women treat their mornin sickness easily

Due to a rich source of folic acid, mother need eat strawberries as much as possible to avoid neural tube defects in the early stage.

Strawberries contain phytochemicals - a natural plant chemical that is very good for your fetus’s health and development.

In additions, strawberries contains a lot of Manganese – an anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical chemical that not only helps reduce your inflammation during pregnancy but also helps your fetus’s bone be healthy.

Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K in strawberries also contribute to fetus’s development. Besides, strawberries also contain I-ot. This substance plays an important rule to fetus’s brain development and nervous system.

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Eating strawberries helps your fetus stay healthy

Improve your skin and prevent hyperigmentation

Vitamin C is good for your skin as it fights of free radicals that steal oxygen from healthy cells and destroy collagen, encouraging pronounced lines to appear on the skin.



Kentary freeze-fried strawberries

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It’s a favorite choice of pregnant women

use anymore. Dried by freeze-drying technology, strawberries still keep original color and high nutritional content. Moreover, fried strawberries contain less sugar, so strawberries has a sweet and sour taste. can notFresh strawberries can be eaten within 2-3 days because they won’t be fresh and delicious any longer if they are not quickly preserved, strawberries will be stamping and