Pregnant women eat ripe papaya to provide essential nutrients to fetus

15.01.2020 09:16

Pregnant women eat ripe papaya to provide essential nutrients to fetus

Strengthen resistance:

The first benefit of eating ripe papaya comes from the absorption of antioxidants. The level of beta carotene in papaya is more than other fruits, which is a precursor of vitamin A and when it enters the body it is converted to vitamin A. This vitamin has a strong antioxidant role, maternal resistance to some dangerous diseases.

Description: ba-bau-du-du-chin-cung-cap-nhieu-dinh-duong-can-thiet-cho-thai-nhi

Eating papaya help enhance immunity so their babies grown up well

Vitamin supplement:

Ripe papaya is also a "gathering" of a variety of vitamins, such as: Vitamin B1 is important in the process of specialization, if vitamin B1 deficiency will cause metabolic disorders,  damage central nerve and cardiovascular systems during pregnancy; Vitamin B2 helps to develop the height, vision, muscles and nervous system of the fetus.

Supply of minerals:

In addition, ripe papaya has many important  essential minerals for fetal development such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc. In particular, iron in the ripe papaya will help mothers prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Description: ba-bau-du-du-chin-cung-cap-nhieu-dinh-duong-can-thiet-cho-thai-nhi

Papaya provides essential minerals for the development of fetus

Reduce cramps:

With high levels of potassium, eating ripe papaya helps mothers reduce the condition of leg cramps. In addition, during pregnancy due to increased maternal blood volume up to 50%, potassium should be added to balance water and electrolytes in the cells.

Maintain weight in control:

Almost all pregnant women want to add a lot of nutrients to develop healthy baby but are afraid of weight problems. The solution for you is to eat ripe papaya, although very nutritious but papaya contains very little calories should not cause excessive weight gain.

Prevent constipation:

Papaya has long been known as a potent remedy for constipation. Protease in papaya helps break down digestible proteins in the intestines. In addition, the meat of ripe papaya is a good source of fiber. Helps prevent and reduce constipation during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can eat two to three ripe papaya a week to avoid constipation.

Description: ba-bau-du-du-chin-cung-cap-nhieu-dinh-duong-can-thiet-cho-thai-nhi

Papaya is a great fruit that help relieve constipation

Things to consider when eating papaya (for pregnant women)

  • Because ripe papaya is laxative, mothers suffering from diarrhea absolutely not eat.
  • Do not eat chill papaya during pregnancy.
  • Eating papaya will help prevent constipation, but if you eat too much papaya, the constipation does not disappear but gets worse.

Mothers with high blood sugar should not eat too much papaya. Should eat only 2-3 times a week.