Eating garlic help detox your bodies without fearing its smell

03.04.2020 14:07


Most of people know that garlic is universally recognized for its promoting-health benefits for our bodies, but not everyone can eat raw garlic because the taste of garlic is too strong. Kentary black garlic is a kind of garlic that helps detox your body and it’s also easy to eat. This natural ingredient is grown in Ly Son Island and applied Singapore fermentation technology. 


Garlic help detox your bodies


You know garlic is a detoxification super food that helps prevent heart diseases and skin aging, reduce fat in blood and liver. Besides, it’s also good for people with diabetes and pregnant women. If eating 6-7 garlic cloves per day during a month, you will get great changes in your body.



Garlic helps detox your body effectively


1 hour after eating garlic


In the first hour, your body will digest garlic like any other food. Nutrients in garlic will be absorbed slowly.


2-4 hours after eating garlic


Anticancer components in garlic could be active in your body. In additions, garlic is able to maximize antioxidant activity at this time.


4-6 hours after eating garlic


Your body starts to absorb nutrients in garlic. Besides, garlic will enhance the T cell activation. This is a kind of cell that promotes your immune system and gets risk of belly fat from your body.



6-7 hours after eating garlic


Natural antibiotics in garlic will be active after 6 hours. This property contributes to destroying harmful bacteria in your body and preventing the bacterial action in the gut.


7-10 hours after eating garlic


Your body will absorb all nutrients in garlic. At this time, these components will completely activate and cleanse your body with 24 hours.


Garlic is the best enemy of many serious cancers such as breast cancer, esophagus, stomach, intestine, prostate and bladder. Especially with breast cancer, garlic has a remarkable effect in preventing carcinogens from attacking breast cells. Garlic contains sulfuric substances such as thiosulfinate (allicin), diallyl disulfide and allylpropyl disulfide.


Ly Son Black Garlic applied Singapore fermentation technology


Black garlic is fermented under high heat for a long time. This special process transforms the garlic into a very dark brownish-black color.  It also creates a soft texture and sweet taste while it removes the strong smell and sharpness. Black garlic has more effects than raw garlic. During fermentation, proteins in raw garlic are broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates, especially allicin which reduces oxidation and result in the black pigmentation.


Black garlic can change the taste and smell of food. It’s edible and easy absorb to human body. It’s has been used as a medicinal herb since medieval times. The activity of SOD (Superoxide dismutase Enzyme) is 8.7 times higher than raw garlic. Polyphenol concentration has 10 times stronger antioxidant effect than raw garlic. Researchers in and outside Vietnam showed that after fermentation, biological activity properties has a considerable increase compared to raw garlic.



Garlic helps detox your body effectively



Eat directly.

Eat 1 or 2 garlics per day

Elderly people should use 1 garlic/day


INGREDIENTS: 100% Ly Son garlic

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark, dry place.