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The main cause of constipation is an unreasonable diet, so what food to prevent constipation is a question of many people, everyone is at risk of constipation, constipation is the same. Causes of hemorrhoids, colitis and eventually colon cancer.

Let's look at foods that prevent constipation risk and also foods that cause constipation through the following article!

I. What food to eat to prevent constipation?

• Pomelo: Pomelo and citrus fruits are high in fiber, help the body lax and treat constipation, moreover they are foods rich in vitamin C and minerals, helping the body consume energy, lose weight.

Tác dụng chữa bệnh của bưởi

Pomelo has many healing effects - collected picture

• Papaya: Like pomelo, papaya contains many valuable nutrients for the body, helps the body digest very indigestible food very well, in addition papaya is also a rich alkaline food, helps balance acid in body.

• Cassava flour: Cassava is the essential ingredient of constipation since the past, and furthermore, Cassava also supports the operation of the digestive system, especially the intestinal tract. Like papaya, Cassava is alkaline, helps the body balance acidity in the body, the environment develops many diseases such as cancer, hemorrhoids, polio ...


Cassava flour, constipation treatment – Minh Trương photo

• Grains: Whole grains contain high fiber for digestion and constipation. You should pay attention to eating whole grains in your daily meals!

• Kiwi - Some fruits contain fructose that can create gas in the body. But kiwi does not, kiwi is high in fiber, low in sugar, does not cause bloating but also contains lots of vitamin C.

• Water - In addition to regular intake of fiber and exercise, drinking enough water is one of the most important tasks to help make it easy to pass through the colon. If your body is dehydrated, the stools will become harder and harder. So drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, as well as eat lots of foods that contain plenty of water.

Thay đổi thói quen đẩy lùi lão hóa

Drink water instead of coca – Illustrating picture

• Aloe vera juice- Aloe vera can be a natural laxative for some people; You can start the trial with about 30ml, gradually increasing to 240ml if needed.

• Spinach - This vegetable not only contains lots of fiber but also contains a lot of magnesium - this mineral helps the colon contract, in addition to sucking water, helping to push "that" away. In fact, in some cases, doctors will give their patients laxatives with magnesium to solve the problem, or before that, simply add more magnesium rich foods to the diet. mine.

• Yogurt - Yogurt contains extremely beneficial bacteria and intestinal flora. The fact that a survey published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 found that probiotics increased the number of "heavy trips" by 1.3 times a week, in addition to improving the consistency of "finished products". to make things smoother.

Ăn thực phẩm gì để ngừa táo bón

Yogurt is beneficial for digestion - collected picture

II. Foods that cause constipation

• Sweet confectionery: Sweet candies include biscuits, baked goods in these foods contain a large amount of flour, sugar, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives but very little, even without substance fiber.

Những thực phẩm gây táo bón

Sweet candies cause constipation - collected picture

• Foods high in fat: This is the top enemy easily causing constipation, even chronic constipation if you eat regularly.

• Dairy products: Foods made from milk such as formula, condensed milk, cream, butter, cheese ... have high saturated fat content, low fiber content, so it is easy Constipation, especially for people who drink less water, the higher the risk of constipation.


Red meat is very acidic - collected picture

• Red meat: Fresh red meat is not a direct cause of constipation, but the time that food stays in the stomach can contribute to digestive problems. Beef and other protein-rich foods, longer-lasting, contribute to a longer lasting feeling of fullness.

Through the article on Kentary, hope that you have answered the question: What food to eat to prevent constipation and the question: What food to cause constipation. I hope that the above information will help you understand and use food more effectively.

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