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Supplementing great food below will help pregnant women prevent metrorrhagia and support mother to give birth conveniently. 

Many mothers also know that postpartum haemorrhage can cause maternal death if not treated in time. Some day ago, my cousin went to my house to tell me this story, and I was scrared deadly.


According to her, metrorrhagia is a very common complication in pregnant women, which is a phenomenon of uterine bleeding from the stretched uterus, which usually occurs within the first 24 hours after birth. Not timely treatment can lead to death. Although I still have 4 months to give birth but I was horrified. My very first time being pregnant, I did not have much experience in these matters, so I asked my husband to go to the hospital to see a doctor for sure.


After a talk I understood about this complication, also the doctor guided the prevention of which I relieved. Having a free weekend, I came up here to type a few lines to share with you. First of all, I advise you not to worry too much to affect pregnancy.


I was also surprised by the chance to know that the food is familiar and cheap to work to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Doctors say that mothers just eat these foods in the last months of pregnancy, no longer worry about hemophilia. Do you know what food are that?


It is a group of foods rich in iron. Iron-rich foods are the primary choice for mothers to advantageously give birth. In addition, iron-rich foods work to prevent anemia in mothers and babies, helping the fetus to be smart and healthy from the womb.


Iron and fluoride acids are two substances that are needed during pregnancy to limit fetal malnutrition, which may increase the risk of neonatal illnesses in early years.


If you have iron deficiency during the first few months of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth, in the midst of pregnancy will lead to preterm delivery, fetal malnutrition. Iron deficiency can make mother to be always tired, dizzy. Iron deficiency during childbirth can increase the risk of postpartum haemorrhage. Therefore, the addition of iron-rich foods in the last months of pregnancy helps mother advantageously give birth and prevent this dangerous complications.


1. Beef


Beef is a top choice in foods rich in iron. Iron from beef helps mother gain more easily. You should choose to buy lean meat because it contains more iron and help prevent hemorrhage, help mother to advantageously give birth. If you have bought a vein or fat, you should remove these two parts, only filter the lean section for processing.


2. Animal liver


It is found in animal liver with a high iron content. In addition, animal liver is low in fat and calories so this is good for pregnant women, helps prevent iron deficiency; prevent hemorrhage, help mother to conveniently give birth.


Cow's liver is more iron-rich than pig's liver or liver of poultry, 1 ounce of cow's liver can provide up to 6.1 mg iron.


3. Green vegetable


Good vegetables for the mother are dark green vegetables, such as kale, propolis,… They not only provide iron but also be rich in vitamins to enhance the ability to absorb iron; prevent hemorrhage, help mother to conveniently give birth.


4. Egg


Iron content found more in egg yolk. It also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus and minerals.

phòng tránh băng huyết, giúp mẹ vượt cạn suôn sẻ


5. Spinach


This is a very familiar and easy to eat vegetables. Iron is found in morning glory, which is good for pregnant women as well as for those with anemia.


6. Tofu


Tofu is also a food on the list of foods rich in iron. Supplementing tofu into meal can provide up to 3.4 mg, equivalent to 19% of the body's required iron content. In addition, tofu is also known as food that helps prevent breast cancer. Pregnant mothers can process tofu to supplement protein because in tofu is also rich in protein.


7. Banana


Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals, it is good for pregnant women, helps to limit digestive conditions such as constipation, abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage. Unbelievably bananas have high levels of iron, experts advise mothers to supplement bananas in dessert meals will help prevent anemia.

phòng tránh băng huyết, giúp mẹ vượt cạn suôn sẻ


8. Grape


Beside bananas, grapes are also a favorite dessert of many mothers. It is found in grapes with many components such as iron, phosphorus, amino acids, viamin and glucose, ... That are good for the health of pregnant women, prevent anemia and hemorrhage. In addition, pregnant women eat grape during pregnancy also support the development of the nervous system of the fetus and prevent birth defects in children.

phòng tránh băng huyết, giúp mẹ vượt cạn suôn sẻ


9. Pumpkin


This is a nutritious food with high vitamin C content, with higher levels of iron, carotin and calcium when cooked. Supplementing foods from ripe pumpkin helps mother prevent anemia, limit postpartum haemorrhage.


In addition to the daily dietary intake of these foods, mothers should also follow routine antenatal care, diet, rest and exercise to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Wishing the mother will conveniently give birth!