5 fruits that you should not eat during pregnancy

Pregnant women are usually aware of the healthy nutrients required for normal development of the babies, but it is also important to know about the fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy.  Although fruits are good to consume, it is important to know the effects of various fruits during pregnancy.

 Pregnant women should avoid or eat less fruits that bring hot feeling inside body.

 Some of the fruits which are not suitable for mothers-to-be are listed below:


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Longan is kind of fruit that is delicious, sweet and scented. Many people like to eat it. However, pregnant women shouldn’t eat this fruit a lot because pregnant women often have inside hot symptom and they easily have constipation. Therefore, eating a lot of longans will make body hotter, and make normal development of fetus disordered. As a result, it will lead to bleeding and bellyache… If pregnant women eat a lot of longans, it can harm fetus and leads to miscarriage.


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Peach contains the plentiful content of Fe. Moreover, it is also rich in protein, sugar, zinc, pectin… However, peach is a kind of fruit that has hot feature. If pregnant women eat this fruit, they will have the risk of bleeding. In addition, hair of peach can cause effect to throat, and as a result, pregnant women easily have allergy, raspy throat. So, pregnant women should pay attention not to eat a lot of peaches, especially they should peel before eating to avoid hair of peach.

Green Papaya

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Green papaya is known for its rich iron and vitamin source but it is good to be avoided when your baby is inside the womb. The unripe and semi ripe papaya varieties are rich in latex which tends to trigger uterine contractions, leading to early labour. Thus, it is best avoided during the third trimester to have a normal delivery without any complications.

As papaya is known to cure heartburn, anaemia and constipation, it can be ingested during second trimester under the consultation of your gynecologist.


Plum contains a lot of carotene and when this substance goes into body, it will convert into vitamin A that is very good for eyes. In addition, plum’s pip also contains a lot of necessary nutrients for the body such as protein, fat, phosphor, Fe, potassium… that have effect on detoxifying.

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However, pregnant women shouldn’t overuse this kind of fruit because plum has hot feature. If pregnant women eat a lot, it will make their body hot and as a result, they can easily break out in the rash, have spot. It isn’t good for health of mothers and babies.



Watermelons are generally good for the human body as they enable the body to flush out all the toxins while regulating hydration. But there is a flip side to this as well, for if you were to consume watermelon during the course of your pregnancy, you may be exposing your fetus to the various toxins that the watermelon flushes out. Besides, it is a cold inducing food which is why it is suggested not to eat it while you are pregnant.

So how does pregnant woman eat fruits?

Besides these fruits that pregnant women should stay away from, there are many other fruits to choose to relieve morning sickness. Eating a lot of grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits … are highly recommended. But if you’re really like these fruits above, you can still eat a few. About 1 or 2 pieces of watermelon or 3 longans are acceptable.

It’s recommended to choose fresh fruit, clear origin and no preservatives. Try not to reserve food for a long term in refrigerator. Wash fruits before eating as well as brush your teeth after eating. Finally, remember in order to eat deliciously as well as absorb all nutrients of fruits to your body, you should eat away from meal.

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