4 methods to distinguish real or fake cassava flour

03.04.2020 14:55


Cassava flour is a cool and detoxified food that is a delicious drink in hot days and is a popular medicine. Here are four methods to distinguish real and fake cassava flour


With the naked eyes


The cassava is a large, sharp, pure white powder, with a natural aroma, dry, not damp. When brought to the mouth, cassava flour is very crispy, melts quickly in the mouth and warmth at the tip of the tongue. Canned cassava after melting, the tongue will feel smooth and have no grain.


Conversely, if the cassava flour is fake, powder mixed with many impurities, the powder is not sharp edges, small particles, no natural white color, usually without smell or very strong smell.


Mixed with water


You dissolve cassava flour into a glass of pure water, then pour water in this cup to another. If you see the water is clean, under the cup there is no residue, this cassava flour is completely pure powder.


The real cassava flour is mixed with water without residue.


If you are more feasible, you can put the cup of dissolved cassava into the cooler, after 3-5 hours of cassava powder in the cup tightly to the bottom of the cup. To pour water you find the powder is very hard to bring out and have a perfect white as the dry powder. This is a good powder.



By boiling


You take about 3 tablespoons of cassava powder, 1 bowl of white water, 3 tablespoons sugar, dissolve the mixture, put on the fire cooking for 10 minutes. Cook and stir steadily. When the flour is ripe, you poured into the bowl, if you see the powder in the bottom, then this is a good quality powder.


By tasting

The simplest, you make two types of cassava powder for two cups and then try to drink, quality powder will certainly taste better, with the typical flavor of cassava powder. Low quality flour has a strange taste, odorless.


Also, when buying cassava flour, you should not buy grapefruit flour because it is easily moldy, or by the mulher add grapefruit to deodorize musty smell of the fake cassava flour. Therefore, you should buy dry powder, very crispy to be long for use.


Hoping for a way to distinguish between real and fake cassava we share above will help you in choosing the best cassava flour for your family.