11 Foods To Eat If You Have H Pylori

Below are just some of the many natural foods which can help with h. pylori by killing the bacteria or aiding in digestive health. There are a lot of them, so I’ve only included the ones which are commonly available and have ample scientific evidence backing them up for h. pylori treatment.

1. Cranberries


Soft-Dried Cranberry – Kentary

Cranberries fight h. pylori in two ways.  First, they contain proanthocyanidins which kill the bacteria. Secondly, they prevent the h. pylori bacteria from adhering to the stomach mucus. Remember that cranberry juice you drink should be free of sugar and additives!

2. Broccoli and Cabbage

Broccoli and cabbage (as well as radishes, kale, and many other vegetables) belong to a family called Brassica.  These veggies contain substances called isothiocyanates.  These isothiocyanates, particularly one called sulforaphane, are very potent at killing h. pylori. The foods highest in sulforaphanes are sauerkraut juice, broccoli, and broccoli sprouts.  So add these to your diet to eradicate h. pylori. 

3. Garlic, Onions, Scallions, Leeks, and Shallots

The potent smell that these veggies produce when you cut them open? The smell actually comes from a potent antibacterial substance which is designed to protect the plant – and can also be used as a natural antibiotic.  No wonder studies show that people who eat onions have lower incidence of h. pylori infection!

4. Green Tea

Green tea has long been known for its antioxidants which can boost health.  One more reason to add green tea to your diet is that studies have shown it fights off h. pylori bacteria and also reduces inflammation.

5. Ginger


Ginger Extract Powder – Kentary

Ginger is one of the best natural cures for stomach bugs, and its benefits extend to h. pylori infections too.  Studies have shown that ginger fights h. pylori by 1) acting as an antibacterial agent, 2) protecting gastric mucus, 3) reducing inflammation, and 4) inhibiting growth of h. pylori. 

6. Manuka Honey

I’ve long been a proponent of Manuka honey.  The stuff is wonderful! It contains a natural form of hydrogen peroxide in it which is great for treating bacterial infections.  Note that all types of honey do have some antibacterial properties, but Manuka honey has shown to be the most potent in studies.

7. Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is something that I first learned about while fighting SIBO.  It contains a chemical called carvacrol which works by destroying the cell membranes of bacteria and stopping them from replicating.  A great thing about oil of oregano is that it kills bad bacteria while keeping healthy bacteria intact. This is crucial for preventing gut dysbiosis! 

8. Vitamin C (Especially Citrus Fruits)

Studies have shown that people who have high amounts of vitamin C in their diets are less likely to have h. pylori infection. The reasoning behind this is because Vitamin C is highly concentrated in the stomach mucus.  It likely reduces inflammation and protects against h. pylori infection.

9. Fatty Acids (Especially Fish)

Fatty acids don’t necessarily kill h. pylori bacteria.  However, having a high intake of healthy fats helps to reduce inflammation.  By keeping inflammation down, the fatty acids inhibit gastric carcinogenesis. 

10. Turmeric


Turmeric Starch – Kentary

Turmeric is one of my all-time favorite superfoods.  It is a potent anti-inflammatory, antimutagen, and antioxidant.  Now we can add antibacterial to the list too.

Multiple studies have shown how turmeric can eradicate h. pylori infections.  It is thought to work by blocking the shikimate pathway which is required for metabolic production in bacteria. 

11. Certain Probiotics

H. pylori causes major changes to the gastric environment, particularly that it changes the stomach’s pH. This in turn causes a change in the gut flora. And, if you didn’t know yet, gut flora is very important to overall health!

A probiotic is any bacteria which has positive effects when taken.  In the case of h. pylori, certain probiotics can fight off the harmful bacteria while healing the stomach lining and reducing symptoms.

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