One lemon without the peel contains high amounts of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, niacin, calcium, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and riboflavin. Considering its nutritional benefits, it a must-include in pregnancy diet. Drinking lemon juice offers multiple benefits to a pregnant woman, if consumed in limited amount. Some of these benefits have been explained below.

1.  Helps Treat Morning Sickness

Lemons can help subside the nauseous sensations experienced by pregnant women that accompany morning sickness, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Drinking lemon juice keeps a check on the excess flow of bile and also helps get rid of the accumulated phlegm present in the digestive tract. This prevents obstructions in the digestive tract. Lemons are also a mouth freshener. However, if lemon juice doesn’t work for you and you experience severe nausea, consult your doctor immediately.


2.  Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Lemons are a good source of vitamins, which help in strengthening the blood vessels. Drinking lemon juice can help maintain the pliability and softness of the blood vessels, which further helps prevent internal haemorrhage and lower high blood pressure levels. Drinking lemon juice can also keep your cholesterol levels in check.

3.  Provides Relief From Constipation

Another symptom experienced by many pregnant women is constipation. But worry not because drinking a glass of lemon water daily can keep constipation at bay!Consumption of lemon is also associated with liver health as it may help flush toxins from the liver and help it cleanse, thus improving its functions as well as your health.

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4. Helps Cure Indigestion

It is not uncommon to experience indigestion during pregnancy. A useful remedy to soothe the stomach is the intake of lemon water. Drinking lemon water can aid proper digestion and ease any discomfort in the tummy.

5.  Strengthens the Immune System

Common infections like flu, common cold, and certain types of fever are said to be prevented by intake of lemon water. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, lemons can improve the natural defense system of the body and help us combat virus as well as bacteria.

6.  Improves and Maintains the Bone Strength

The calcium and magnesium content in lemons can improve the bone health of the baby and aid his development. Apart from this, lemon water also supplies other essential minerals to your unborn baby. And here’s more – the potassium in the lemons can also help nourish his brain and nerve cells.


7.  Helps Prevent Urogenital Infections

Lemons are said to possess diuretic property which help maintain the health of the kidneys and make them function normally. Thus, the chances of infections in the urinary and genital areas are also reduced.

8.  Maintains the pH Levels of the Body

Lemon water aids in maintaining the pH levels in the body by achieving healthy alkalinity. Yes, lemons are acidic, but once they reach into our systems through lemon water or juice, they are alkaline. The alkaline residues left by the lemon aids in easing the acidosis symptoms. The human blood’s pH range is slightly alkaline, between 7.3 and 7.45. When the pH levels turn acidic, the body performs a buffering action by borrowing the alkalinity from bones and teeth to compensate. This can be avoided by drinking lemon water, which preserves the body’s alkaline levels and makes it readily available during the developmental process of the foetus. The pH levels of the blood also indicate the availability of oxygen to the cells. It is essential to have properly oxygenated cells for the development of the foetus.

9.  Provides Relief From Swollen Feet

Oedema or having swollen feet is common during pregnancy. But that is not to say that it is not painful. This condition can be very uncomfortable and painful. However, it can be treated by consuming one spoon of lemon juice with lukewarm water. It helps in easing the pain and reduces the swelling of the feet.

10.  Prevents Dehydration

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is very important as it prevents various complications such as headaches, nausea, cramps, dizziness, and oedema. While drinking water always helps, drinking lemon water can be refreshing for a change. Lemon water is tasty and consuming it can keep you hydrated.

11.  Lowers Stress During Labour

Labour can be a stressful and painful process. Intake of lemon water along with honey will ease out the stress during labour. You need to begin consuming lemon water and honey from the fifth month of pregnancy for this remedy to work. However, it is suggested that you consult a gynaecologist before starting with lemon water.

Source: Parenting Firstcry


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